John Bolton Endorses Mitt Romney

Former Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, is endorsing Mitt Romney on On the

John Bolton

Record tonight. He says he employed William F. Buckley’s advice to choose the “most conservative candidate who can get elected.”

  • Well, guess that settles it … I would like John to be appointed Secy of State as his strength in foreign policies would be a tremendous asset.

    • Bee Sting, Sec of State for Bolton – my fervent choice as well!

  • Ran

    Except that we could run an empty Spam tin and win, Bolton’s choice makes sense. (I’m a Santorum guy still.)

    Whatever Bolton’s future role, let it include being the chairman of the commission that recommends ending all US involvement in the UN.

    • Ran, I so hope that a Republican administration will put Bolton in a Cabinet position. I’m disappointed that he chose Romney because it is “settling.” It means that the changes we need will never happen unless we can do something in the Senate.

  • Where was all this Mitt-love in 2008? I supported Romney in 2008 as his skills would have been useful for what ailed the US economy in view of the various meltdowns that took place. I stopped supporting him after he pulled an Edwards and caved to the establishment GOP letting McLiberal take the nomination without a fight. So how is Mister Electable in 2012 different from subMitt of 2008?

    I supported Bachmann until she dropped out. I now support Santorum who I viewed as equal to Bachmann as a conservative but came late to the game.

    All the talk I hear from conservatives promoting first principles has been overshadowed by another risky proposition for the general elections this year.

    When will the GOP grow a pair? Meaning, when will the only party that conservatives can rally behind select a conservative and put all their resources behind that candidate?

    I suspect, never. Low life, slimy green, no good SOB’s.

    I want my country back.

    • Stanford, I supported Mitt in 2008, but I didn’t know about health care then, and as a country we didn’t have a clue. First principles have been reduced to you scratch my back, and I scratch yours. Until we can strengthen House conservatives and move Dems out the door in the Senate, nothing will change.

      Like you, Santorum and Bachmann are my choices.

      I suspect you will not get your country back until we can gain the Senate and strengthen the House.

      Your rant here is an excellent blog post. I feel your angst. As I told RR, I’m over the presidential race until our nominee is chosen. I’m working on Senate candidates.

      (PS How are you. Still can’t login at your place)

  • Rick was my pick.. Oh well.. My friends cat could run against Obama and beat him.. Well he might not do well in debates though.. lol

    • David, I suspect at this point, even a house cat can beat Obama in a debate. Did you see that Romney used a teleprompter in his New Hampshire speech?

      • If they read a prompter, it’s because they’re afraid of offending the opponent and man I could care less if he’s offended. Rick doesn’t need one.. and as far as I’ve seen neither does Newt..Perry might.. lol

  • Too late, Romney is falling apart!

    A poll at The Hill today has Newt closing FAST (within 2) in SC and another in NC has Newt out front

    The (counter) attack ads are working… what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, eh Mittens?

    • RR, but then…Romney wins Florida. Historically, since he has already won NH, he doesn’t have to win SC. I think Newt has decided that if he is not going to be the nominee, he will scorch the earth under Mitt. Mittens will be the nominee. I’m over it and am moving on to the Senate.

  • Newt needs to shut up and so does Perry. They are not helping one bit.
    We need someone that can beat Obama and those two can’t, neither can, Paul or any of the rest of the broke bunch. John Bolton seems to be In The Know.
    I hope Romney asks Trump to be his running mate, those two might get something done in a hurry and we need that.

    • Carolyne.. Trump will never give up his day job. Believe me. The VP choice is going to be a major factor.