Jimmy Carter: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Brings Peace Respect to Israel Palestine: Right.

Former President Jimmy Carter got himself to Egypt and visited with the Muslim Brotherhood. In the video below he speaks of the respect the Brotherhood will show to Israel. He must have missed the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader Rashad Bayoumi, saying recently he will never “sit down with Israel,” “We will not deal with Israelis by any means.” Carter ignored Byoumi’s plan for a “plebecite” (vote) by the people to decide whether the 32-year-old Egypt-Israel peace treaty will remain in effect. According to Carter, the Treaty did much for both Egypt and Israel, nothing for Palestinians – there was no peace treaty with Palestine but…oh well, nevermind. He also ignored that at Treaty time, Egypt didn’t think highly of the ruffians in Palestine, with all other Middle Eastern Muslim countries sharing the disdain.

Jimmy Carter with...the Brothers?

To get it right, the 1979 treaty was confirmation that Israel recognized Egypt’s right to exist and Egypt recognized Israel’s right to exist – something Palestinians and no other Muslim country had EVER done – and the really, really big prize for Egypt – they got the Sinai Peninsula back which Israel nabbed when surrounding countries gathered for war on their borders in 1967. It took Israel less than 6 days to take the territory. Egypt had a dog in the fight at treaty time. The U.S. gave Egypt a Billion dollars or so to recognize Israel, and has been doing so annually ever since. Mubarak, with all his vicious treatment of his own people, honored the treaty because he was paid to do so, and likely because he remembers well the wrath of Israel when Egypt joined their jihadist brothers to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.

Then came the 1967 Six Day War. In the Spring, Syria conducted terrorist raids against Israel, water was diverted by Syria, from Israel and irrigation projects for south and central Israel, although approved by Arab engineers as non-detrimental to Arab lands, were not approved by the Arab governments. In May, Egypt blocked the Strait of Tiran to Israeli ships. “Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia all activated their militaries. Iraqi troops reportedly approached the Syrian and Jordanian borders while Jordan moved tanks towards the West Bank.”

Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia formed a “defense pact.” Egyptian President Nasser said “Our basic objective will be the destruction if Israel.” Read more here.

Carter is enthused that the Brotherhood has “pledged” to him that they will govern in a balanced and respectful way. MmmmHmmmm. The man is an embarassment.

Jimmy Carter on the Most Benevolent Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Israel (video)

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  • OMG.. never wished anyone to just pass over more than this total ego driven embarrassment. I know it’s wrong and I’m probably going to go to the hot place for wishing this.. I really do.. bury this son of a …. in a grave of peanuts.. please someone… OH and throw in the wife as well..
    Ok.. I’m calm now. I don’t wish this man ill, just wish he’d retire and drink soft peanut butter.. under a shade tree somewhere in Georgia.. His wife wiping the sweat off his brow. Ok I’m going to eat my none peanut dinner and maybe just watch a bit of TV.

    • Ditto: Carter family is off their rocker too – always has been. Carter just like Obama is confused as a May morning. Idiots!!!!

  • I wish the Carter Family would find a nursing home for dear old Grandpa Dhimmi. He is off his medication again.

    • Hey, no meds would help this brain dead condition of Carter – it’s terminal.

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