Jaime Gonzalez: Student Armed with Pellet Gun Punches Out Student: Gonzalez Draws on Police – Refuses to Lay Gun Down – Runs Through Halls – Cummings Middle School

When Brownsville Police arrived in response to a 911 call from Cummings Middle School, they found 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez armed in a hallway with a pellet gun that looked like a far more serious weapon. Police told him to put down the weapon At about 4 minutes in you hear the school principal say over and over “he’s drawing the gun.” In the audio below, you hear police say “put it down,” “put it on the floor.” You hear a man’s voice say “he says he is willing to die.” You hear police say “he’s running through the halls.”

Jaime Gonzalez with unknown friend

Three shots from two officers were fired, hitting Jaime Gonzalez at least twice. He died in-hospital. The boy’s father, Jaime Gonzalez Sr. is asking why his son was shot in the back of the head, but police say (according to a Fox News report I heard just a few minutes ago) that the head injury was from the boy falling after he was shot.

Daily Mail:

A police report stated: ‘The weapon used by the suspect is a CO2 .177-calibre pellet pistol and is similar to a Glock type semi-automatic handgun.’

The Daily Mail identifies the photo above as Jaime Gonzalez with an unidentified female with the “boy’s pellet gun.”


Brownsville interim Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez denied the family’s accusations that the boy had been shot in the back of the head. He defended his officers, saying that the younger Gonzalez pointed the pellet gun at police and repeatedly defied their commands to put it on the floor.

Authorities also released a 911 recording from Cummings Middle School. The assistant principal on the phone first says there’s a student in the hall with a gun, then reports that he is drawing the weapon and finally that he is running down the hall.

On the recording, police can be heard yelling: “Put the gun down! Put it on the floor!” In the background, someone else yells, “He’s saying that he is willing to die.”

Before police arrived, school administrators had urged Jaime to give up the gun. When officers got to the school, the boy was waiting for them, Rodriguez said.

Moments before he was killed, Jaime began to run down a hallway, but again faced officers. Police fired down the hallway- a distance that made a stun gun or other methods impractical, Rodriguez said.

If the situation had involved hostages or a gunman barricaded in a room, police might have tried negotiations. But instead, Rodriguez stressed, this was an armed student roaming the halls of a school

The article linked above says, by law, pellet guns are sold with an orange band around the tip of the barrel, but buyers often remove that identification. According to police, owners sometimes paint over the orange with black paint.

School officials say they saw the gun in Jaime’s “crotch,” immediately called police and locked down the school. His parents do not know how he got the gun, and said they would never give him a gun. A school friend said the gun was a “gift” from someone.

Portland Press Herald:

Shortly before the confrontation, Jaime had walked into a classroom and punched a boy in the nose for no apparent reason, Rodriguez said. Police did not know why he pulled out the weapon, but “we think it looks like this was a way to bring attention to himself,” Rodriguez said.

I have to stand with the police. Jaime allegedly was violent inside a classroom before all this began. School officials tell police over and over that he is drawing his gun. There was no option for a long stand-off. The school is full of possible victims, and one boy was already a victim with a bloodied nose. He apparently draws a gun and runs through the hallways. What were they to do?

If you listen to the video, young Jaime Gonzales had every opportunity to follow police instructions, (which most of us routinely do) and put the weapon down. He was old enough to know to do that unless there is no respect for police in his home. If it is true that he said he was “willing to die,” then something was very, very wrong that his family didn’t know about or ignored. Tragic for everyone: for Jaime, for his family and friends, for those standing by and watching, for the school administrators, and for the police who now have to face this, and go to bed with it every night. I don’t believe they were just out kill a 15-year-old. Having said all that, maybe we will find that the facts are different from those portrayed above.

Jaime Gonzalez Cummings Middle School, Brownsville 911 Call

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  • doug neuman

    One less future crimanal.

  • Katlyn

    This article disgusts me. No matter the circumstances, a 15 year old boy does not deserve to be shot. Police chose to use deadly force, and while it was their right to do so, they could have easily shot him in the leg or another place less harmful just to take him down. He could have been frozen with fear during the supposed stand-off, therefore lending a reason to why he didn’t listen. I’ve read that this child was a victim of bullying, and what if the boy he punched was the one that made his life hell? Of course he wouldn’t tell the truth about why he was punched. It sickens me to know that there are so many uncompassionate people in the world. Grow up. Have some faith in who people actually could be, not what they’re showing themselves to be.

    • pak31

      You have got to be kidding!! Of course a 15 year old boy doesn’t deserve to be shot. No one deserves to be shot. But at the age of 15 a boy knows better than to do what he did. After reading this article I will say it clears things up for me. Initially they didn’t have a lot of info so it seemed as if this poor kid was just killed in cold blood. Well, did you SEE the photo above? I have a daughter who will be 15 very soon, if I EVER saw her with a gun like that there would be serious consequences. What IS that? Is it cool?? So he obviously had no problem publicly displaying this gun, no problem bringing it to school either. He purposely punches a student in class while having the gun in his pants. Then lets it be visible, like he’s some tough guy. Then when cops arrive and they tell him to put the gun down he says no and says he wants to die and starts running?? I am sorry that he was only 15 but he brought this on himself. This wasn’t an 8 year old boy. Also, I could care less if he was “bullied”, cry me a river. People get bullied all the time, if you are a good person you learn to look the other way, or walk away and ignore it. Not try to start trouble. He went to school that day looking for trouble. He got it. I know a lot of kids who are sweet, well mannered, good, honest, loving, etc. Those are good kids. He was troubled. He lacked parental guidance. He was not a good kid. Did he deserve to die that day? No. Did the school and students deserve to go through what they went through that day?? No. Maybe police could have shot and missed on purpose, would that have stopped him—who knows? He did what he did knowing he could get shot.

  • Rhyan W

    Give me a break Katlyn. This kid was a punk and he got what he deserved. “Frozen with fear”? Have you even educated yourself on the situation? School officials pleaded with him to put down the gun long before police arrived. He refused. He also punched another student for kicks prior to police arriving. He had every opportunity to live that day and he chose death. I applaud the police for doing what needed to be done in order to safeguard the other children in that school. Justice was served.

  • mike

    So Katlyn, if that 15 year old kid was pointing that gun directly at you would you still want the cops to act with restraint?

    Didn’t think so.

    Point a gun at a cop and you’ll probably die. The cop that the kid drew his gun on did not have the obligation to shoot him in the leg only. The cop thought, and rightly so, that his life was in danger and acted according to his training.

    Those pellet guns have orange tips on them for a reason, to show that they are not a real gun. The kid removed it to show he was macho by appearing to have a real gun. Look at the pic of him and his wench, it’s nothing but a cultural glorification of violence.

  • pak31

    Wow. Just listened to the 911 call. Hard to hear at times but those officers must have told him at least 15 times to put the gun down. He never complied. The lady caller said at first the gun was in his pants, then when cops arrived he pulled it out because she was telling the 911 operator that he’s drawing his gun. Tell me why he would draw a pellet gun on cops with real guns. He had to have known that his weapon wouldn’t beat theirs. This kid didn’t care. He wouldn’t put it down after several requests then he starts running through the hallway. Just amazing. Scary to listen to. I feel bad for the people who had to go through that scary situation and for no real reason either.

  • RIP Jamie Gonzalez <33 SUR 13