It’s 2012!

We are experiencing Solar Activity on a scale we haven’t seen in decades.  The Sun has come to life and is throwing a fit.

RADIATION STORM IN PROGRESS: Solar protons accelerated by this morning’s M9-class solar flare are streaming past Earth. On the NOAA scale of radiation storms, this one ranks S3, which means it could, e.g., cause isolated reboots of computers on board Earth-orbiting satellites and interfere with polar radio communications. An example of satellite effects: The “snow” in this SOHO coronagraph movie is caused by protons hitting the observatory’s on board camera.

ALMOST-X FLARE AND CME (UPDATED): This morning, Jan. 23rd around 0359 UT, big sunspot 1402 erupted, producing a long-duration M9-class solar flare. The explosion’s M9-ranking puts it on the threshold of being an X-flare, the most powerful kind. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the flare’s extreme ultraviolet flash:

“This was amazing,” he says. “It was a wonderful experience to see these stunning auroras.”

NOAA forecasters estimate a 10% – 25% chance of continued geomagnetic storms tonight as effects from the CME impact subside. The odds will increase again on Jan. 24-25 as a new CME (from today’s M9-clare) approaches Earth. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.

We could experience blackouts, loss of satellite signals, even loss of television (cable) systems.

A powerful solar eruption is expected to blast a stream of charged particles toward Earth tomorrow (Jan. 24), as the strongest radiation storm since 2005 rages on the sun.

Early this morning (0359 GMT Jan. 23, which corresponds to late Sunday, Jan. 22 at 10:59 p.m. EST), NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught an extreme ultraviolet flash from a huge eruption on the sun, according to the sky watching website

According to NOAA, this is the strongest solar radiation storm since May 2005, and as a precaution, polar flights on Earth are expected to be re-routed within the next few hours, Kathy Sullivan, deputy administrator of NOAA, said today at the 92nd annual American Meteorological Society meeting in New Orleans, La.

The solar flare spewed from sunspot 1402, a region of the sun that has become increasingly active lately. Several NASA satellites, including the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), and the Stereo spacecraft observed the massive sun storm.

A barrage of charged particles triggered by this morning’s solar flare is expected to hit Earth tomorrow at around 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT), according to experts at the Space Weather Prediction Center, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Scientists call these electromagnetic bursts “coronal mass ejections” (CMEs), and they are closely studied because they can produce potentially harmful geomagnetic storms when the charged particles rain down Earth’s magnetic field lines.

In addition to generating stronger than normal displays of Earth’s auroras (also known as the northern and southern lights), geomagnetic storms aimed directly at our planet can also disrupt satellites in orbit, cause widespread communications interference and damage other electronic infrastructures.

“There is little doubt that the cloud is heading in the general direction of Earth,” announced in an alert. “A preliminary inspection of SOHO/STEREO imagery suggests that the CME will deliver a strong glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 24-25 as it sails mostly north of our planet.”

Sunday’s solar flare was rated an M9-class eruption, which placed it just on the verge of being an X-class flare, the most powerful type of solar storm. M-class sun storms are powerful but mid-range, while C-class flares are weaker.

NASA routinely monitors space weather conditions to determine any potential hazards to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Based on the agency’s assessment, the six spaceflyers currently living and working on the orbiting outpost are not in any danger, said NASA spokesman Kelly Humphries.

“The flight surgeons have reviewed the space weather forecasts for the flare and determined that there are no expected adverse effects or actions required to protect the on-orbit crew,” Humphries told in an email.

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The year is 2012 and perhaps the Disaster Gods don’t wish to wait until December 21st.

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  • Well I’m flying from Baltimore to Bozeman Mt today… so if you stop hearing from me… you’ll know why.. lol

    • Very funny:

      One question a little off subject but very important to all here on Maggie’s Notebook:
      Georgia citizens today delivered sworn testimony to a court that Barack Obama is slam-dunk disqualified from having his name on the 2012 presidential ballot in the state, because his father never was a U.S. Citizen, which prevents him from qualifying as a “natural-born citizen” as the U.S. Constitution requires for a president.
      Can anyone answer the question of whether Obama is eligible to appeal? Or did he loose that right once he failed to appear and the court defaulted the court case? I would guess it depends on the laws in Georiga, and or if Obama a can request a contested hearing to determine if he committed an infraction. How could he say he did not show up because of his duty as president? With something like a national security issue, when he was on the tarmac in Las Vegas for his re-election campaign, when he was supposed to be in court!

      • Is that really true? I haven’t heard anything on this..

        • You know the commie media will not post it or report this. Read it on

          So the snake in the WH may just slither on by as usual?

          I hope & pray not – at least GA. is doing something about this crime on America.

          • I talked to my lib friend in California, thinking he’d probably not heard a thing about this citizenship thing in Georgia. Since I don’t see the story anywhere.. but he’s been hearing about it for a couple of days.. So it is getting out there.. He still thinks it’s a birther thing. He just doesn’t grasp the true story. Well he is brain dead.. being a lib after all.

            • David, I plan to do more as a follow up to the story findalis put up here. I’m waiting to see what happens to this. The judge still has to take action and we don’t know what the State Attorney General plans to do. He was very strong though, in protecting the right to bring the matter before the court. It’s not a birther issue. It’s a constitutional issue. When his recently released birth certificate from 1961 (I think) says he is “African American” when that term wasn’t even coined back then, even the most cynical should think about it again. Every state in the future should have the right and the duty to know that a presidential candidate entered on their state’s ballot meets constitutional requirements.

              That birther stuff is too cute by half.

      • Your answer is here:


  • Catwoman

    Very interesting things, I’ve just heard it in the news. But there isn’t any danger, these magnetic storms can only disturb our satellites. although these storms are getting stronger and they appear nowadays more often. Anyway, I don’t think it is a sign of the world’s end:)

  • Maggie great picture of sun – WOW! BTW my card game on Bluehost does not pull up my website? with just the word TraveLight??

    If you enter into a search my website comes up. Thanks for checking into this for me. Wishing you the best for the New Year. May we all have a WIN WIN for America so we can get rid of this Excess Baggage Obama has dropped on our country. God Bless in Christ.

    • ljcarolyne, I copied your url directly and pasted it in, but what was there was identical. This is copied from what was there:

      Maybe it’s the capital L, but I’ve never see that happen. Thanks for the headsup.

      • Beats me? I am checking into it et you know when I get an answer. Thanks.

      • OK – is being restored – may take a few days but will get-er done. The cap. L – doesn’t matter – somehow my website got messed up- glad I realized the problem. If I had not noticed it on your blog – it may have stayed that way a while.

        Keep up the good work Maggie. . . on getting rid of Obama. That is number one priority.

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