How Cains 9-9-9 Fixes the Ron Paul Problem – almost

My friend Fran Boscow at Constitutionalists United for Liberty pointed me to Dick Morris talking about the impressively large vote for Ron Paul. At the same time, Senator Jim DeMint has said he hopes to keep Paul in the race awhile longer to give our front-runner(s) a chance to absorb Paul’s message about the Federal Reserve. Sarah Palin has warned the GOP that they ignore Paul’s fiscal message at their own peril, and Morris advises our front-runners to move closer to Cain’s 9-9-9 plan as that is the “sensible answer” to Ron Paul’s message.

Morris talks about Paul voters under 30 garnering support from Obama voters in the same demographic. It has been my opinion that any supporter of Paul would never cast a vote for Obama. Morris disagrees. I’m sure he’s right. It has also been my opinion that the bulk of the young vote may emanate from the passionate desire not to serve in the military during wartime, along with obvious fiscal concerns.

Notice the background behind Morris. Maybe he’s on a cruise doing his “Lunch Alert?” View the video here.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I wouldn’t mind being on a cruise right now! It’s typical January weather here in Minnesota as of yesterday! We have had a very mild winter and that I am grateful! The sad truth is, we are fighting for our country and once again the country is divided. I really hope and pray that us conservatives don’t mess it up, a lot is at stake! Thank you Maggie for the mention.

  • Libbie

    Try canada if you want to experience tha cold for sure!

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  • Jake

    I just hope that people will unite to make the best outcome of this. There has been too much chaos lately and we really need someone who really cares about it.

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