Harry Burkhart Suspected of Torching Home in Germany: Files Insurance Claim Same Day

Suspected LA arsonist, Harry Burhart, is under investigation in his home country of Germany for a fire in the family home in Marburg, north of Frankfurt. Read more about his tantalizing Mom below.

Harry Burkhart


Wied [German prosecutor] said that the fire at the house, which belonged to the Burkhart family, has been ruled an arson. Burkhart did not live in the area, but his name surfaced as a suspect after he filed an insurance claim shortly after the fire, Wied said.

“When one files an insurance claim on a house the same day it burns down, it raises eyebrows,” she said.

Burkhart, whom Wied identified only as “Harry B.” in keeping with German privacy laws, has not yet been questioned in the case and no arrest warrant has been issued for him. She said she did not know how long ago he had been identified as a suspect in the arson investigation.

Harry Burkhart has been living in a Hollywood apartment with his mother Dorothee Burkhart who runs the Hollywood Tantra Massage service, or at least website. Dorothee may be the “sexologist” or the  “Tantra Goddess,” or neither, but she is named as the owner of the erotic massage parlor.  She is in the U.S. on the lam from German police who issued a warrant for her arrest for non-payment of her breast augmentation and about 18 other charges. Today she is behind bars. You can’t make this stuff up.

Dorothee Burkhart

The State Department was on top of at least one of the Burkharts, and it was their identification that allowed the Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy (who makes $1 annually) to find Harry, the alleged arsonist. The other twist is that Harry is here on traveling documents from Chechnya – 94% Muslim country. Can’t tell you whether that was a part of the State Department’s awareness of the Burkharts.

Dorothee was arraigned in a LA court day and was puzzled that her son was not present. She apparently did not know he was incarcerated about 2 miles away for setting 53 fires. She wanted to know if “the Nazis” had him. Read more about Dorothee Burkhart’s business here.

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