Haley Barbour David Gatlin Pardon: Tammy Ellis Gatlin Had No Grandchildren: Parole Board: No Parole But a Pardon

Today former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is speaking out about his many prison pardons, and particularly about the pardons for four murderers. He says the state sends murderers to the Governor’s mansion to serve as trustees, and he didn’t choose them, but he did choose the four for a full pardon, meaning the crime will disappear. He says these men “played with my grandchildren,” but the murdered wife of David Gatlin, Tammy Ellis Gatlin, shot dead as she slept holding the two-month old child he fathered, didn’t live to see a grandbaby.

David Gatlin


‘Is Gov. Barbour going to pardon us from our aches and pains and heartache that we have to suffer?’ Tammy Ellis Gatlin’s mother, Betty Eliis, asked WLBT.

‘Is he going to pardon a child that had to grow up without a mother? What is Barbour going to do about that?’

The victim’s sister, Tiffany Ellis Brewer, said David Gatlin served less time than her sister lived.

‘It’s completely unfair,’ she said. ‘I mean, he’s in jail for 18 years. She was 20 years old when she died and had her child laying in her arms when he shot her in the head. And he’s pardoned?’

The pardon came just days after the Ellis family had received a letter from the state parole board saying the killer was not going to be paroled. He would next be considered in October 2012, it said. Daily Mail

No parole, but a pardon!

Barbour says the Parole Board claims those committing crimes of passion are not reoffenders. He says he wanted the men to be able to get a job (and go hunting). One victim was shot in the head. He lived while his friend died, but we don’t know whether he has a job, has had a job, or has been able to secure the quality of job that he would have had before becoming the victim of a man now pardoned.

Gatlin killed his wife as she slept with an infant! Another man shot his wife in the back. Two examples of cold-blooded murder, not crimes of passion.

Privileged to live in a mansion and have men and women to serve him, Barbour believes it was the Christian thing to do. He hasn’t told us what Christian outreach he has in mind for the victims and their families. Surely there is an avenue other than a full pardon for murderers.

Barbour said most of those pardoned spent 20 years in prison. Isn’t that something. Gatlin only spent 18 years. Barbour was impressed with their sacrifice. Note that the men working in the mansion were told that if they completed their time at the Governor’s Mansion, they would receive a pardon – it’s tradition. Talk about the motivation to straighten up, either forever or until you get out of the mansion – who knows until it happens again.

Haley Barbor Pardons David Gatlin and Other Killers (video)

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