GOP Candidate Immigration Policies

For the record, I support Romneys policy for handling illegals. I believe Newt’s policy of allowing those here for 25 years, and attending a church somewhere, receiving some identification that allows them to legally work and pay taxes in this country, is the least of the accommodations we will make, no matter who is in the Oval Office. We won’t deport these people – but I also agree with Mitt, if we do it right, many will self-deport.

I agree with Mitt that it’s not that difficult. Build the dang fence and use all other technology necessary. I agree with Santorum that when an illegal crosses the border, his/her first act is breaking our law and “American is worth respecting.” I could agree with Paul when he says illegals should be the responsibility of the Border Patrol, but we know they have no power. The power belongs to the President. (See the candidate’s postions in the NBC debate here.)

But…when it comes to illegals and an Oval Office decision, I fear they will all wither under the bold threats of a no vote, the assaults of LaRaza, the marches in the streets of Los Angeles. We’ll see it in the general election.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook


  • GoneWithTheWind

    The problem occurs when the actual legislation is written AND when it is implemented. You remember of course in 1986 when we decided that if we gave citizenship to the illegals in the country we would also put fences on the borders and be much more effective finding and deporting illegals. Who’d that work out? I have no doubt that the legislation if written would not cut off at 25 years but closer to 5 years. Then as implemented it would be even less. Then as our courts interpreted it any illegal could become a citizen. The ONLY way to stop this is a zero tolerance application of the law. Start by making it a felony to cross our border illegally and then require that anyone not agreeing to instant deportation must be prosecuted.

    • Gone with the Wind, I couldn’t agree more. Basically that is our Federal Law now, and that was my point, doesn’t matter who’s in the White House, none have the strength to do – except maybe Michelle Bachmann.