Girl Scouts Have Transgender Boys in Troops in US Now – Not Just Denver: Cookie Boycott

Remember when Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old “trans-gender” boy in Denver was admitted to a Girl Scout troop there in October 2011? First the troop denied him entrance, then admitted him, and I thought then once again denied him, but apparently not. There was a huge outcry over Bobby (actually against Bobby’s nutty mother) but now a Girl Scout spokeswoman, Rachelle Trujillo, says transgender boys are already scouting with girls in other troops in America. A 14-year-old Girl Scout identified as Taylor, is calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies and exposing the details few of us knew about. See that video and the Trujillo statement in the video below.

Transgendered children are currently serving in Girl Scout troops in the the US, Trujillo said, although she declined to give details. There are other councils that have transgendered girls and it’s working out fine, she said.

‘Transgendered boys’ is the proper identification, but nevermind, the onslaught to sell this is well underway, but Bobby isn’t a girl.

In the wake of the “Bobby” incident, several Girl Scout troops in Louisiana disbanded as horrified leaders and parents said ‘no.’ As of December 2011, Bobby, while admitted to the Denver Scout group, had not yet shown up for a meeting. Don’t know what is currently happening with Bobby Montoya, but Taylor’s video is bringing out  the activist claws to shame anyone not fine with Shemale Scouts.

If parent’s cannot stop this at the highest level of Girl Scouts – who are not exactly the typical corporate executives, and if they think they are, their shareholders are clearly the parents, then what is parenting about? Parents have the power here, and it might be too late to wait until the first boy shows up in your daughter’s troop. Where are the big donors, of which there are many, in this war?

This is the time to fight the battle.  The cookie boycott is an honorable boycott. The upside? Think of the pounds you’ll not have to fight if you skip those cookies. Think of the contributions rolling in when the GSA changes this absurd policy.

Girl Scouts Admit Boys in Troops in Places Other than Denver (video)

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