Gingrich Wins South Carolina 40-28 Over Romney

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina GOP primary by 12 points according to Fox News this minute. If the numbers do not change, the final count is Gingrich 40%, Romney 28%.

According to exit polls, Gingrich won pluralities across the board – among men and women, conservatives and Tea Partyers, as well as voters who cited the ability to vanquish Barack Obama as their paramount concern. A television interview with his second wife, who claimed Gingrich proposed an “open marriage” before their divorce, inflicted little damage.

“People completely misunderstand what’s going on,” Gingrich told a huge, raucous crowd crammed into a Columbia ballroom Saturday night. “It’s not that I’m a good debater. It’s that I articulate the deepest felt values of the American people.” Source: TIME

Conservatives have two choices, if we assume Santorum will not be the nominee: Romney or Newt. If you like neither, then you must decide: do you really think Romney will be more conservative than Newt Gingrich, or more able to bring about the change we need? Or more staunchly on the side of the Constitution? Or more able to work with Congress? I don’t.

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  • Ran

    “I don’t.” Amen. What was it Rumsfeld said? You go into elections with the stinker you have? Something along those lines.

    • Ran, yes we experienced that in 2008. Two stinkers, one communist.

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  • A huge victory margin for Gingrich.

    Myself, I prefer Gingrich over Romney. Of course, the electability issue still plays in.

    And one more thing….I’d love to see Obama cornered by Gingrich in a debate. Obama wouldn’t stand a chance. And if he played the race card, Gingrich would demolish him on that as well — using facts and history. **smile**

    • AOW, I hope ‘electibility’ doesn’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m hoping Independents will refuse to vote for Obama. The differences are so stark – our country then and now, and the candidates and their positions. To think that they would vote for Mitt and not Newt is depressing, considering what is at stake.

      We’ll just have to wait and see. When Mitt picks Rubio for a VP, that will probably make him the candidate. I will be excited about Rubio, but he isn’t as conservative as many think.

  • Aram

    RON PAUL will run as independent and will win

  • Aram, unless you want Obama to win, dream on.

  • Mitch Cargo


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