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Described as a “truly dangerous individual,” Europe is refusing to extradict Abu Qatada back to Jordan where he has been convicted of terrorism.  The European Court of Human Rights ruled sending Qatada to Jordan violates his “human rights.” Appalling! Readers, I have left a message for content scraper, FavStocks below. It was necessary to insert it inside the post, as they take all or almost all of my material and repost. I found CBS News publishing one of my articles with credit to FavStocks. It is impossible to reach them. FavStocks is located in Singapore. I have left many messages in their comments on my articles, with no response. Please forgive me for intruding on your news. 

Abu Qatada

The UK now has three months in which to appeal against the ruling, but if the government does not do this, Qatada — once described as ‘a truly dangerous individual’ — could walk free.

This is because he is not currently facing trial in Britain and has not been convicted in accordance with UK law..

European judges ruled that he could not be deported because ‘there remains a real risk that evidence obtained by torture will be used against him’ and he would not receive a fair trial…

It is the first time the Strasbourg-based court has found that an expulsion would be in violation of the right to a fair trial. Source Daily Mail

From Michael Burleigh at the DailyMail – read it all here:

Every jihadi terrorist group or individual requires religious sanction for their atrocities. They are, after all, Islamists, even though of a specially noxious kind.

The Jordanian-Palestinian Abu Qatada was different. He provided global religious sanction for all manner of jihadis.

He came to Britain with his wife and three children in 1993 on a forged United Arab Emirates passport, after being expelled from both Jordan (where he plotted bombings) and Kuwait, where he supported the invasion of his hosts by Saddam Hussein. All three facts should have resulted in him being turned away at the airport, but no, we granted him refugee status…

Although Mr Qatada claims to despise western values, and wants the separation of believers and infidels, he was quite happy for his brood to be subsidised by British tax payers.

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Please read Burleigh’s story detailing who and how many Qatada is instrumental in killing, and Qatada’s long, long record of assaults on the human rights of others.  Thanks to Weasel Zippers

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