DeMint Supports Ron Paul Ideas – Wants Paul in the Race

I’m gratified Senator Jim DeMint and I see Ron Paul’s candidacy in the same light. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has brought to the fore many staggeringly important issues and pounded them home. DeMint appreciates that and hopes Paul can stay in the race to enable our eventual front-runner to absorb and appreciate those issues as well. DeMint believes that without adopting some of Paul’s Libertarian ideas, the Republican Party will never become the Majority Party.

Jim DeMint

“Ron Paul is right on the fact that we’ve got an out of control and unaccountable Federal Reserve that is eventually going to create a major crisis,” said DeMint. “He’s also right in the importance of individual liberty and the whole constitutional limited government. And more of our candidates need to incorporate that.”

As to Paul’s foreign policy DeMint makes a good point:

“I don’t agree with Ron Paul on foreign policy and his disengagement around the world, but we’re going to end up where he is because we don’t have any money,” DeMint said.

Amen to all of the above. How jazzed by the Federal Reserve will Mitt Romney be? Thanks to The Daily Caller.

Linked at Grumpy Opinions who has one (an opinion) about Debbie Wasserman Schultz blaming the Tea Party, yet again for the Gabby Giffords shooting.

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  • The stark naked reality is that America has gotten herself into a pickle, thanks to President Obama and his regime. Ron Paul is appealing to many because he touts the language a lot of Americans want to hear. But, there is a fine line when it comes to national security. Israel as our ally vs. our national interest to stay out of world affairs to save our own skin as Ron Paul believes we should do. No, we can not afford to “police” the world, but there are certain interests abroad that are quite important to our security and other allies that we need to keep in place. The problem with Ron Paul running as he is on the Republican ticket harms the chances for TRUE Republicans/conservatives and pushes Mitt Romney (a RINO) forward.

    • I might add: take a look at on this issue that was posted yesterday.

      • Fran, I just linked to the video in a new post and linked to your blog. Did you notice the background. Looks like Dick is on a cruise. Wish I was.

        • Thank you, Maggie. I wish I was on a cruise, too!

    • Fran, I agree and I believe DeMint is right when he says if we don’t do something about the Federal Reserve we will be forced to follow Paul’s egregious foreign policy because we will be so broke we have no other choice.

    • Ryan B

      I’d like you to look at the adress Netanyahu, Israels prime minister made to congress. He says they do not need american troops there, or need us to nation build in Israel.
      The part im talking about is at 3:50.

  • I’m glad somebody is taking up for Paul. Given the current climate, that takes some stones…of course, we are talking about Jim “The Man” DeMint. It’s just too bad he didn’t enter the Presidential sweepstakes. Oh well…hopefully he’ll become the next Senate Majority Leader.

    • I agree with Paul on many, many issues. Just love DeMint. Wouldn’t it be a dream to have his as Senate Majority Leader. We have to get a number of strong conservatives into the Senate to make that happen.

      • Yep. I’m in full agreement with Prof Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection: in the event Romney wins the nomination, all that means is that we take our passion and invest it in getting conservatives into the Senate and re-elected in the House.

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