David Lemon Tours Gettysburg Park: Your Up Close and Personal View

Without touring the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania yourself, this may be the most up-close and personal view of the American Civil War Park you ever see. My artist friend David Lemon, a sculptor visiting in the area for a commission, hired tour guide John Fuss to travel with him in a car through the battlefield. His narrative, David’s videography and background music gave me goose bumps.

Gettysburg Battlefield (original stone walls)

See the Valley of Death, Plum Run (a “crick”), renamed Blood Run, Little Round Top – The Bloody Wheatfield, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, FDR’s Eternal Light Peace Memorial dedicated 75 years after the battle, original stone walls where the Confederates looked down on the Union Army, the rocky terrain, The Pennsylvania Memorial, the places where 46,286 Americans died over three days in 1863. Eleven thousand went missing and 27,224 were wounded. The Union were victors.

Think about this, if your parents were adults during World War II, they would have known American Civil War survivors. In total 625,000 died with 412,000 wounded.

Lemon was in Baltimore for the Captain John Lovell commission. If I remember correctly, he is visiting a tailor (UPDATE: Neil Redmond) who specializes in early American clothing. David is interested in the clothing for a life half-sized sculpture. The photo below is model John Buxton modeling the clothing Lemon is interested in.

In a separate video, see his awesome inflight video from his home in Ennis, Montana to the East Coast. At about 4 minutes into the video he arrives in Baltimore. At about 5 minutes-in the people he is working with guides him to his destination and the first thing you see is a tri-cornered hat. See beautiful pencil drawings from Retired US Navy Commander Margie Banks. See it here.

John Buxton - Model

See David at work every day in his Ennis workshop at Clay to Bronze (see Gettysburg on a sunny day in this one). Here’s the incredible video of Gettysburg.

David Lemon Tours Gettysburg Park with Guide (video)

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  • Thank you so much Maggie for putting this up. I woke this morning and got a surprise.. lol I hope that everyone who sees this video gets the feeling that I did.. that many died that people in this country could be free. Freedom is never cheap and there are never short cuts to it.

  • That is wonderful! I visited Gettysburg back in the 1960’s. It was absolutely fantastic to visit this rich place in our American history!

  • Just so you know Maggie, it’s going to be a 1/2 life size bronze.. not a life size.. lol