Christie a Romney VP Wannabe: What About Rubio?

Of course he does. A match made in heaven, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie. I remember the night Christie on with Dave Letterman, was disparaging Sarah Palin and when asked about being a Vice Presidential candidate, Christie made fun of it and asked something like: really…me a Vice President? He went from intimating that he wouldn’t want a job with no power (my impression) to asking who would want him hanging around (intimating that he’s too opinionated). Anyway, today Christie has said he will consider being Romney’s running mate if asked.

Last year, when asked about the idea of being vice president, Christie said, “I don’t think there’s anybody in America who thinks my personality is best suited to being Number Two.” ~ Chris Christie

But what if Rubio is the Veep choice for Romney?

Today Christie loves “his country enough and loves his party enough” to listen. He didn’t love either that much a year ago. Read more at Washington Post

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  • Judy


    Remember Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba and immigrated here.
    He was born before they became citizens.
    I think Rubio could legally serve as VP, but I am not even sure about that.
    But what about the line of succession if something happened to whoever chose him.

    I keep hoping that the subject would come up in the debate because that would open people’s minds to Obama’s citizenship.

    Questioner to Newt: There has been one senator’s name thrown around for VP, but that person was born here but neither of his parents were and they were not naturalized until after he was born. Mr. Speaker, would that make him eligible to be president if something happened to you. In otherwords if a person is born on US soil but one or both parents are not would he be eligible according to our founding documents…the constitution?

    Gov. Romney? Congressman Paul? Senator Santorum? How would each of you answer that?

    • Judy, it’s already out that Rubio’s background will not be challenged. He has to be natural-born to serve as VP, I think, since he might need to ascend. Talk about Rubio not qualified, and the roar is deafening.

      The GOP is not going to address it (my opinion).

      • Judy

        So you are saying the democrats and progressives are ok with Rubio’s parents not being citizens when he was born.
        Even though they call every republican and tea party person a birther for Obama’s father not being a citizen.
        I haven’t followed the birther stuff all that closely so I just thought they would make it an issue.
        I’m glad that it won’t be challenged. But I personally believe Rubio needs more senate experience before being chosen for VP.

        • Judy, no I’m saying Republicans are fine with it. I believe Rubio is only partly conservative. I’m glad we have him in the Senate, and like you, think he needs to stay there for awhile.

  • Okay, I’ll be calm this time. I’m not sold on Rubio. In contrast, I am much more comfortable with Mike Lee. I find myself disagreeing with Lee but have to retreat given his arguments. Rubio has panache. But I am not convinced he is the real deal.

    I have not been a ‘Christie’ for a long time. His efforts in NJ have been commendable on a fiscal basis. His ideology is scary.

    Biden is an idiot. It didn’t foil the liberal pursuit in 2008 so apparently the electorate no longer worries about who is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    I worry that the GOP nominee is unable to take advantage of the Obama factor in the 2012 election and we have another four years with a socialist with no fear as he will be term limited and free to go crazier than he already has.

    Here’s a stretch. Talk Daniels or Kasich into the VP spot.

    It might be too early to consider the VP. Hell, it’s too early to consider the nominee. Here’s one for ya Maggie. Your comment to one of my comments stated our choice was limited to Romney or Gingrich. My current choice is still in the race. (Rick Santorum) Your response suggested to me that you may not be the only voter dismissing Santorum. That’s too bad. It limits our options.

    • Stanford, Santorum is my first choice, but I do not believe he can win. He is toxic to Independents. I can hope, just as you hope, and I’ll be happy to be wrong. I will say that I am concerned about a couple of his positions in the last debate: SOPA PIPA and zero taxes for a few. I don’t know where that will take us, unless he is talking about Ex-Pats, but I think he is picking some industries and not others. So far it’s the voters who are limiting our choices. Santorum should have done better in South Carolina. He might have come in third but it was a very distant third to Newt.

      My thought is that Romney will begin dropping hints because he needs a boost. Going to Florida, Rubio is a natural and the whole GOP seems to want Rubio for a Veep. Then the news about Christie – who I suspected from the beginning endorsing for a coattail ride to the WH. I forgot about him. The GOP might feel good about Christie, but not as good as about Rubio.

      Christie put/forced the second Muslim man onto the New Jersey Superior Court. The Congress refused to confirm him. Christie continued until they gave in because they needed someone in the spot. He is conservative fiscally – not socially.

      Rubio was for SOPA PIPA until he was against it.

  • NOT a Christie fan at all- lot of RINO tendencies, not least of which is hooking up his wagon to Romney

  • Christie, is an interesting person to listen to, not sure I agree with everything he believes. He’s an amazing debator..
    Rubio is an amazing mind and a conservative. Not sure Romney would choose him as VP.. He’d choose another Rhino to be his VP.. Well let’s hope this all works it’s way out, because whoever is finally chosen they have to be ableot to fry Obama, and if he chooses Hilary, they would need to be able to overcome him and her. Hilary is the hidden card I think… But she’s a powerful figure and not sure Obama would want to be overshadowed by her.
    Just my thoughts.

  • Christie’s attack on Gingrich yesterday morning, was clearly to advance his cause with Romney. The more I hear from him, the less I can tolerate him. It gets old old old, his bombastic in your face rehetoric.

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  • How’s about a Marco Rubio Rule 5?

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