Chris Kyle Andrew Paul: SEAL Vouches for Chris Kyle Jesse Ventura Story

I see nothing in print about this as yet. Bill O’Reilly this evening reported that two men, both SEALs (I think) have come forward to say they saw Chris Kyle hit Jesse Ventura in the SEAL bar on Coronado Island, and perhaps heard what Ventura is alleged to have said. One SEAL, Andrew Paul, gave permission to use his name. One SEAL asked that his name not be released. I cannot vouch for the spelling of Andrew Paul’s name as it hasn’t appeared in print. See a video below.

Chris Kyle

With O’Reilly tonight were Arthel Neville and Greg Gutfeld (I think it was Gutfeld). Both of them lean toward believing Chris Kyle. I listened to the video again. He speaks of the Wake that night for Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Mansoor, with Mansoor’s family present. He says Ventura was criticizing the Iraq war and he asked Ventura to “tone it down.” Kyle alleges the former pro-wrestler accused him of killing innocent people and said we “deserve to lose a few,” (meaning a few SEALs). It’s hard to believe Kyle is lying. He used sobering, quiet speech as he discussed what was said. Not so sober in his speech as he told of “decking” Ventura.

As to any violence by Kyle, if his story isn’t true, Ventura will do something about it. He’s a wealthy man. Maybe Kyle is wealthy too, I don’t know, but Ventura can take action and likely will if he feels wronged.

I don’t know the truth, but I too have the sense that Kyle is not lying, and it’s good that Andrew Paul and another SEAL have come forward to support his story. If the story turns out differently, I’ll blog it here. If you have not seen the video, here it is. See my original story here.

SEAL Chris Kyle with Bill O’Reilly on Michael Mansoor Wake (video)

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  • Hello, please use this information to verify information in the story. This is the Andrew Paul in question. It took me less than 15 minutes to find out. Please advise Andrew that complicity to a crime is just as bad as committing it. Since there are no statutes of limitations on evading the police or violent crimes, Andrew might want to consult with an attorney first.

    Contact information for “Andrew Paul” edited out of comment by blog owner.

  • Jon Humphrey, do you have inside information to imply that Andrew Paul is complicit in a crime?

    • If Andrew Paul, a mortgage broker in San Diego, was aware there was a felony committed in his presence, and conspired with assailant Chris Kyle to keep that crime quiet for over fiver years to evade prosecution, then yes does fit the legal definition of complicity. It may also fit the legal definition of aiding and abetting.

      Chris Kyle said he would give people “permission” to talk about it. This means, unless Chris Kyle is lying, that he conspired with Andrew Paul to keep quiet an assault on a former public official and assisted in the evasion of his capture by agreeing to remain silent. The agreement to remain silent about crime to avoid prosecution is where Andrew Paul has broken the law. If what Chis Kyle is saying is true.

      Chris Kyle admitted during his first interview that he would give his friends permission to talk about it. This means they conspired to keep a criminal act quiet in order to protect his friend for criminal prosecution, unless Chris Kyle Andrew Paul are lying or mistaken about the identity of whom he assaulted, that would mean not only is Andrew Paul complicit, but possibly guilty of aiding and abetting as well.

      • Apparently no one is claiming there is, or was, a crime. Perhaps there have been no charges filed with the police???

  • Why is there a link to my website on your site? Furthermore, I did not post “meetings.” Are you trying to have me assaulted as well?

    • Jon, I don’t know what you are talking about. I can’t link to you. You have to do it. You can see that my last post is linked because I set it up that way, but I have nothing to do with how you choose to post.

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