Chris Christie Sarah Palin: Christie Got His Panties in a Wad: Christie Lies About Newts Ethics Fine Video

First, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Newt Gingrich was fined $300,000 for Ethics Violations. That is wrong and Christie knows it’s wrong. The $300,000 was to reimburse the House for the year-long investigation of the Democrat witch-hunt to take him down. That’s on the record. How many years did the Charlie Rangel Ethics hearing take? Far longer than a year, and there was no “fine.” How many years is the Maxine Waters Ethics hearing taking? No end in sight. In the video below, you’ll hear Sarah Palin says Christie got his panties in a wad when his guy, Romney, didn’t win South Carolina. That’s a visual we didn’t really need, but far more generous than what Chris Christie has said about Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin

As to Gingrich not being a popular Speaker, he certainly was for years. He is a forceful guy and eventually, that time passed, but only after his accomplishments set records of a first House majority in 40 years, the first balanced budget in a decade, with others to follow, and tax cuts for the first time in sixteen years. Government revenues soared. Welfare reform came to America with, according to Newt, over 60% of the welfare rolls getting a job or going to school. While Clinton was in the White House, none of it would have happened without Republicans.

The Ethics charges began with a college course taught by Newt. The charge was that the course and it’s tax exempt status was for political gain. While it was “charged,” even the Ethics Committee could not “conclude” that to be the case. The IRS threw it out and exonerated Newt and the Progress and Freedom Foundation. There was no violation of anything but Newt trying to get the Committee to dismiss their charges. The original charges were completely false – Newt took conservatism to a University, and Democrats could not tolerate that. The classroom is their domain. It’s much like the Scooter Libby affair without a prison sentence. It was nothing more than a Democrat plan to bring down Republicans, who for the first time in four decades were growing in popularity with the people.

To be clear, Chris Christie is only conservative in fiscal matters. He put the second Muslim on the New Jersey Superior Court, even though the Congress did not want to confirm him. I have no doubt he will be an advocate for deficit reduction, but he has an ego the size of New Jersey and New York combined, and since hearing his smug and smarmy knock to Sarah Palin (see link in first paragraph), when it wasn’t necessary, I have no respect for him or his opinions beyond finances.

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