Blogger Impersonated in Ugly Comments on Israel and Newt Gingrich

I recently received a very long anti-Semitic comment on a several articles having to do with Israel and others about Newt Gingrich. In one regarding Newt, I was told I “had no foundation, no decency and no morals.” It appeared to be from well-respected conservative blogger, Just A Conservative Girl – but it was not. Her email has either been hacked or probably someone is impersonating her, using an email address that is not her’s and never has been hers.

A few days later, my spam folder had about 15-20 of the same emails from If you see the same in your comments, it is not from JACG.

After reading these invectives several times, I suspect they are an ugly outgrowth of the Ron Paul campaign, unsanctioned by him, of course. We can expect more of this ridiculous waste of time as we move toward November. As Opus#6 at American Perspective said after seeing one of these comments appearing to be from her longtime friend JACG, no matter who we are supporting, Conservatives must stick together, keep the eye on the prize and move Obama out of the White House. Anyone but Obama.

Also affected by the comments on Israel posts was my friend and contributor findalis at Monkey in the Middle. The comments were hurtful and untruthful. While I try to give everyone with an honest voice, a voice, these comments will be deleted – fast – and with no comment, as has everything I’ve mention above. Click the link to Just A Conservative Girl for more on the story.

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  • Thanks, and again I apologize for the spam. It is amazing how low some people will sink.

    I never knew that I was a Newt supporter!!!

    • Being a Newt supporter is ok. Some one of the things that pointed us that this wasn’t you is that the spelling and grammar were horrible.

      • Ali

        I’m with you, Newt Gingrich’s past actions don’t back up to what his current positions are, and you are absolutely right about public opinion in this care, people have certainly made up their minds about his past or not, the jury is still out on seeing through his “games”.

    • just a conservative girl, in the comment you were not. The implication was that I am:-) No problem about the spam. Without it, I might have thought you just heartily disagreed with me on Newt, although I haven’t endorsed him. I just like him better than Romney – in general. Don’t know how that will turn out.

      • I think the person who is doing this thinks that I am a Newt supporter. The rant I received was about Newt and said the same thing about my morals and values.

        Crazy people.

        • I see what you’re saying. Crazy indeed. Newt does that to people. His political acumen is not what people want to talk about. When they talk about his record, they tend to lie. When they talk about his personal life, they tell the truth:-)

  • Thats one of the wonders of the Internet, the anonymity that it gives people to act in a way in which they would not dream of in the real world.

    Usually, as you pointed out, these things are easy to spot and can get quite nasty, however, if the person was using bad spelling and therefore probably not the sharpest knife in the draw you could probably say they didnt hide their IP address and it might be worth having a look at the IP address off the comment poster to see if it gives you any clues as to where it came from…… Saying that its probably just as easy to ignore them!

    Interestingly, without going off topic too much certain laws that are in the pipeline would have held you accountable for the comments if they had somehow made it onto your site!

    • Loldri, that’s right about the laws attempting to creep into our everyday lives. Fortunately that has been set aside for awhile. We’ll do well to research them and be ready. I was shocked to hear that Rubio had planned to support them before changing his mind (no doubt about a flood of calls and emails). Thanks for the comment.

  • So glad to see this was straightened out.

    JACG looks better now that she has a properly linked name and a comment luv link at the bottom of her comment. Much better.

    • Opie, again, thanks so much for your insight. All is much better.

  • Newt is just as spineless as the next guy, welcome to politics!