Bill OReilly Killing Lincoln Scores NatGeo Documentary

Ridley and Tony Scott will produce a two-hour documentary based on Bill O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard’s Killing Lincoln – The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever. As tipster JudyW said, Liberals heads are exploding all over Hollywood.


The documentary, set to begin production in the spring for an early 2013 premiere globally on the National Geographic Channel, will keep the fast pace of the book, described as a historical thriller with a John Grisham-style narrative about the 1865 murder of President Abraham Lincoln and the furious manhunt for his killer. It will include feature-film quality re-enactments completed with CGI in the signature style of the Scott brothers.

The British Scott brothers have quite a portfolio. They co-produced NatGeo’s huge Gettysburg. Sir Ridley Scott directed Aliens, Blade Runner and Thelma and Louise. Younger brother Tony is a director, and was involved in Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop and others.

National Geographic is owned by Fox News. O’Reilly will serve as an Executive Producer. No word about Dugard’s involvement. Hope O-man doesn’t go wonky and let progressive urges creep in. He says his story is historically accurate, so if that is true, let’s keep it that way. Story Source: Deadline Hollywood

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook