Best Quote of 2011

I found this tweet by David Burge @iowahawkblog at Proof Positive in his righthand sidebar. It’s my pick for the Best Quote of 2011.

While Rick Perry is not my first pick for the GOP nominee, I will gladly support him and vote for him in the General Election. In the meantime, other states finished their 2011 fiscal year in the black, even if not at the levels desired, and some after fierce budget battles. Among them are Indiana, Idaho, South Carolina, Ohio, Arkansas, Alaska, Texas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Maine – all with Republican Governors, and Massachusetts and West Virginia with Democrat Governors. Sources here and here.

I cannot guarantee the list above is complete or totally accurate, as there is little confirming information. To find the latest on your state’s financial health, check out this site.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook


  • Awesome. Pure awesome.

  • It is a great quote, isn’t it? And a great comeback for about 98% of the liberals you run into!

    • Hey proof, I just found your comment. I’m cleaning out my inbox. So much slipped through the cracks during the holidays. It is a great quote! Was thrilled to find it at your place:-)