Best Answer CNN GOP Debate: Gingrich Repealing ObamaCare – Paul Thinks We Cannot

The best question in the CNN GOP Debate last night was from an audience member. The best answer came from Newt. The question was about ObamaCare. We always have ObamaCare questions in these debates, not because the moderators ask, but because our candidates rightly make certain they talk about the mammoth mess. This time the question was short but had a specific focus, ‘Do any of you sincerely believe that Obamacare can either be repealed or reversed in its entirety?’ Everyone said yes except Ron Paul. He thinks we can tweak it (my word not his) but thinks completely repealing it is not possible. Newt’s answer was important for all of us to keep in our minds every minute of the race to the polls. See the video below.

[NEWT]…can you get it repealed in total? Sure. You have to elect a House, a Senate and a president committed to that. It has to be major part of the fall campaign. And I think that, frankly, on our side with any of us, it’s going to be a major part of the fall campaign.

The American people are frightened of bureaucratic centralized medicine. They deeply distrust Washington and the pressure will be to repeal it. And a lot of what Governor Romney has said I think is actually a pretty good, sound step for part of the replacement.

I would always repeal all of it because I so deeply distrust the congressional staffs that I would not want them to be able to pick and choose which things they cut.

But let me make one observation. He raised a good example. Why is President Obama for young people being allowed to stay on their parents’ insurance until 26? Because he can’t get any jobs for them to go out and buy their own insurance.

I mean I have — I have an offer — I have an offer to the parents of America: Elect us and your kids will be able to move out because they’ll have work.

Just before Newt’s answer, Romney said:

[MITT]…that’s going to have to happen with a House and a Senate, hopefully that are Republican.

Paul was the only candidate thinking we cannot repeal in full. Here’s the video. Read the full transcript here.

CNN GOP Debate: Can We Actually Repeal ObamaCare? (video)

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  • There is always the possibility the Paul was right and was giving the most honest answer, not just saying what we wanted to hear. Of course, if I was to believe Paul, I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning…

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  • hahaha, love that cartoon! LOL! We all understand where Ron Paul is coming from, the left, certainly not the right.

  • Dave

    Paul is the only one who gave an honest answer. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who will face Americas problems head on. The others only provide pablum for the masses to cheer or boo.

    When has the Congress repealed any major legislation?