Benjamin Colton Barnes: Hypothermia Drowned – Discharged from Army for Misconduct: Guns in Parks Under Attack

Benjamin Colton Barnes, the alleged killer of Mt. Ranier Park Ranger Margaret Anderson, was discharged from the U.S. Army two years ago for “misconduct,” (“less than honorable discharge” according to Army spokesman) which appears to be “drunken driving and improperly transporting a privately owned weapon.” Hours after killing Mrs. Anderson he was found in Mt. Ranier National Park lying halfway in a creek, dead from drowning and hypothermia. There is word that Bill Wade, outgoing chair of the Coalition of National Park Services, thinks Congress should be “regretting” it’s decision to allow guns inside national parks. As if Barnes would have respected the ban. Incredible.

In this pool photo provided by the Pierce Co. Sheriff's Dept., members of the Pierce County Swiftwater Rescue Team stand alongside the creek, Monday, Jan. 2, 2012, near the spot where they recovered the body of Benjamin Colton Barnes, who allegedly shot and killed a park ranger Sunday during a traffic stop in the park. (Ed Troyer/AP)

Barnes was troubled before he entered the Army. In high schoold he attended “a Jurupa Unified School District” program  for troubled and expelled students in California, know as the STEPS program. Unknown whether or not he graduated.

The Daily Mail reports that help for Margaret Anderson was delayed for “hours” because Barnes was firing on rescuers, and includes an attack on the NRA and the legality of firearms in a Nation Park. Ridiculous. Barnes sped into the Park. Pulled to a stop. Got out of his car and fired on Mrs. Anderson. Astounding that anyone really thinks a ban on guns in the park would protect anyone but criminals without a check point at EVERY point entering our parks and forests. Regardless, a checkpoint didn’t stop Barnes.

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