Benjamin Colton Barnes Dead in Mt. Ranier National Park?

Trace Gallagher is now reporting that Benjamin Colton Barnes has been found dead inside Mt. Ranier National Park. According to Gallagher, the report is not yet confirmed  by police but is coming from a television report in the area. Read the background here.

UPDATE 1-4-12 @1:40 pm CDT: Read my latest on the details of how and where Barnes was found and his troubled life before entering the U.S. Army.

UPDATE 1-2-12 @ 5:20 pm CDT: OregonLive confirms that Barnes was found dead in chest-high snow. I still haven’t found confirmation of suicide. He was found “hours from where authorities could get to him.”

UPDATE 1-2-12 @ 6:40 pm CDT: A Park Ranger was just on Fox News saying there is no sign of a violent ending for Barnes. They think he died of exposure. Still no confirmation, but there is confirmation that he did not die of a bullet wound.

Barnes was suspected of gunning down Mt. Ranier Park Ranger Margaret Anderson, and wounding four at a party in Seattle in the early morning hours of New Years Day.

Barnes’ family says he is a veteran of the Iraq war and very troubled, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.


Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Frank

    Probably shot himself…

    • Yes, it appears to be suicide. Still yet no confirmation.