Bachmann Suspending or Quitting

Fox is reporting that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s press conference today will be to “suspend” her campaign or that she is backing out of the race. The exact language is not known – either way she will out. Fox News’ Steve Brown is giving the confirming report by phone to Bill Hemmer on Fox. The press conference is coming up in about 12 minutes. Updates here as they happen.

UPDATE 10:25 am CDT, January 4, 2011: (The following are snippet quotes) Bachmann is now speaking on camera. Talking about March 10, 2010, the night ObamaCare passed and quoting Benjamin Franklin (I think). Passing ObamaCare “endangers the very survival of our Republic.” Calling for the complete repeal of ObamaCare. She calls ObamaCare Left Wing Social engineering, and the forumla for the Left always winning and the Right always losing. She cites the Founders reliance on the “Holy Bible.” Bachmann says she ran to elect 13 more U.S. Senators to help her repeal ObamaCare. She will continue to fight for “more liberty and less government.” This might be the turning point for the country – this 2012 election. “President Obama and his socialist policies must be stopped.” The people have the answers, not the Government. It should do with not spending more than it is taking in.

We must rally around the person our Party chooses as the standard bearer. “I will not be continuing in this race but my faith in my God and my Country is unshakable.” “I have no regrets.” “We leave this race knowing we made an important contribution.” “I look forward to the next chapter in God’s plan.”

Wouldn’t you love to see Bachmann take Al Franken’s seat in the U.S. Senate?

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Maggie– In the end there can only be one. Even if she backs out I respect her spirit, drive and determination. She’s a hell of a lady. With lock whoever wins will make her Secretary of Education– It might take her four years–but she’d solve that problem for us

    • Grumpy, There is not a single policy position she has, that I disagree with. She is a good speaker. I like that. She has verged on self-serving of late though. I think she would make a great president, but that’s not to be.

      I would love to see her run for the Senate. Minnesota has Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. How I would love to see Bachmann take on Franken. She’d be great as Education Secretary as well. I think she could take on any Cabinet seat and be fantastic.

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  • This should have been expected. Her poll numbers have been falling since Rick Perry entered the race. It is ironic that Rick Perry is falling in the polls and is on his last straw.