Andrea Mitchell: The Rap on Iowa? A Too Blue Past is Reality – Setting the Record Straight

With the Iowa caucuses happening tonight, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell is getting attention for saying Iowa is “Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural” to matter. Apparently she is only talking about Iowa’s choice of Republican primary candidates, because the state has been an historically Democrat state in five of the last six presidential elections, so let’s just set the record straight.

“The rap on Iowa,” she said. “It doesn’t represent the rest of the country… too white, too evangelical, too rural. Still here, politics are personal.” ~ Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell

Iowa’s electoral college votes went to Democrats in 2008 and with the exception of 2004, stayed Democrat in the 2000, 1996, 1992 and 1988 presidential races. Other than 2004, you have to go back to the 1984 election to find Iowa electoral college votes for the Republican candidate.

“Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural?” Certainly not Too, Too or Too to vote for Democrats in five out of six of our last Presidential elections. You would think Andrea Mitchell’s handlers/producers might have the data at their fingertips, so I will accept that she is talking about Republicans in the Iowa primary, only, and that whomever Iowa chooses as the Republican candidate will be too Conservative for Iowans.

Mainstream media would never say ‘South Carolina’ is too black.’ ~ Bernie Goldberg

Those pale-skinned, rural-evangelical Iowans showed up at the polls with a popular vote of 54% for Obama in 2008 and 44% for Republicans. We’ve heard Republican candidates praise Iowa’s agriculture over the past few weeks. I think we can say Iowa’s voters likes corn, pork and Democrats. Thanks to hubby for making me think about this♥

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Interesting, I’d thought that Iowa was a red state mostly.

  • I lived in Iowa in the mid 50s. I remember seeing the GOP convention on our black and white tv back then with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, in 1956. I kissed my first girl… or rather the first girl kissed me in Des Moines Iowa. She was a Blue Bird. Then we moved to Keokuk, where I experienced my first Tornado. My dad was a Navy Recruiter there. I stole for the first and last time there.. a toy soldier from Woolworths. I sat for days at the front window waiting for the cops to come and take me away… lol
    I learned my first bad word there, and I wrote it on the sidewalk, in chalk, thinking it was just a different way of saying Shucks… lol Got the belt for that one and a long talking to.
    Guess what I’m saying is. Iowa is just folks. Real American folks. Sometimes they make good decisions, and sometimes they don’t. Rick was a good decision and I think they are fed up with the socialism being forced on all of us now.

    • David, you have such an interesting past and sweet memories. You really should write more, but then you couldn’t sculpt more so…guess that won’t be happening.

      • It was one of the few memories from my childhood. My mom got me to stop sucking my thumb in Tennessee, by telling me that, Marilyn Monroe, didn’t like thumb suckers.. lol Yeah I have a few memories.