American Muslims Support Ron Paul: Loving Paul’s Criticism of America, Cutting Aid to Israel

Ron Paul wants no bombing of Muslim countries because in his mind, we caused them to attack us in the first place. He has used the podium of the presidential debates to try to shame our country. American Muslims like that. Muslim convert Nadja Adolf says she is an “old school westerner,” who came from “a countryside that can kill you.” She likes Paul because he votes against the Patriot Act. Cutting aid to Israel. Ignoring jihad. No doubt that sounds marvelous to Muslims.

I do not understand how a government can even pretend to have the power to detain a citizen or spy on them without warrant,” said Adolf….

The renegade Republican has piqued Muslim interest with promises to extract America from foreign wars, cut aid to Israel, and protect civil liberties. There are at least four “Muslims for Ron Paul” Facebook pages, and a scan of Paul’s political donors shows many common Muslim names, like Mohammed, Ali and Ahmed. Source Washington Post

Others quoted in the article believe Paul recognizes the difference between Muslims and terrorists, but he know nothing more than the rest of us. We would like to know the peaceful from the radical, but ya know, it’s impossible unless we share a close friendship. Few Muslims speak out publicly against the calls for death to infidels, and worse, most try to tell us the Koran calls for no such thing…but it does, and everyone knows it.

We don’t trust your views on women and children. The atrocities are far too many, and we don’t see you leaving the faith because it. We don’t understand it. We don’t want you teaching in our schools, or working in our government. You are too great a risk. Bring down your jihadists. Bring down your Imams who preach against Israel and all infidels. Just do that!

Yes, we are suspicious of Muslims. Your theology and ideology is public. We know what it says. Unfortunately for you, we understand it, but we don’t understand what is going on in your heart. We know what terrorists have said, and just because you, as a Muslim, have no fondness for jihad, we don’t know which way you swing. No one but Muslims call for the extinction of an entire race of people. No religion but Islam approves lying for useful deception.

We don’t know what you are praying for. We have to guess, and because of your Koran, while we might guess wrong, we deeply feel the need to protect ourselves. Because of Islam, non-Islamic Americans are slowly losing the civil liberties you say you hold so dear, but no more dearly than the rest of us. You are inconvenienced. We are inconvenienced. We are also highly irritated that Ron Paul is giving you this disgraceful forum.  Thanks to Hyscience.

UPDATE: Edge of the Sandbox has some interesting information about a Ron Paul foreign policy advisor, and the “surprise” candidate that advisor also has a connections to.

Linked by KatyPundit in the John King Left Stammering Edition.

Many thanks to Jake Finnegan for linking and quoting in Muslims Love Ron Paul’s anti-Americanism and hatred of Israel!

Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Ron Paul is not a RINO, he is lower than a RINO. Ron Paul has taken contributions and the endorsement from Code Pink. He has been a featured speaker at Code Pink rallies. He is so far to the left he makes Obama looking like a Conservative.

    No wonder the Muslims love him.

    • pillar of salt

      arent you the one who did not know that the KeystoneXL was a EXPORT pipeline, designed to move oil OUT of USA midwest refineries to a tax-free gulf of Mexico export port,
      and thus raise the price of oil domestically in the USA..?

      Honestly, even YOU should not trust your opinions given such a failure.

  • pillar of salt

    It is the Neocon repubs and Neolib dems who passed out Visa’s like candy to get hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the USA before 9/11, and let them run loose all over the country with expired tourist and student Visas.

    Bush oversaw the destruction of the OLDEST remaining Christian population on the planet in Iraq, who were driven from a land they practiced christianity since 50 a.d., and the only groups Bush assisted in Iraq were militant islamics.

    If Ron Paul had been president, the entire Iraqi Christian community would still be living in their homes, like they did for thousands of years since ancient times.. Because we followed lying Neocon interventionists, they are now selling their daughters on the streets of Syria, living in tents or homeless..

    That is the end result of your intervention.. a shia Iraq allied with Shia Iran, that just kicked us out, and the oldest Christian community on the face of the planet wiped out forever..

    A honest person at least admits their complete failure and the harm that it caused, and you are not such a person.

    • If Ron Paul was President then every Jew on the planet would already be gas and ashes.

  • Wow! Those of us concerned about the threat of Islam need to pay close attention to this!

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