Alan Grayson: He’s Baaaaaack: Marx Oxner Challenges Grayson – Campaign Ad Video Terrifying

One of the vilest Congressmen in my memory lost the Florida District 8 House seat in the 2010 rout, but Alan Grayson is baaaaaack. Florida is still in the redistricting process (and may be kicking Congressman Alan West to the curb in the process), but Grayson wants the new District 27 to be his roost. Republican Mark Oxner is challenging. I don’t know anything about Oxner at this time, but he has put out a campaign ad which the Broward Palm Beach New Times says is “dark” and “terrifying.” No, “terrifying” is Grayson back on the House Floor. See the video below.

Mark Oxner

The 39-second ad appears to be set on a slave ship called the “U.S.S. Obamaboat,” which flies an upside-down American flag and is filled with a cast of characters that includes bailed-out bankers, health-care freeloaders, Guy Fawkes, corporate fat cats, and a blond woman in a bathtub who says “stimulated” in a way that made us vaguely uncomfortable. Source.

Florida has gained two new US House seats. Proposed redistricting creates 15 Repblican-leaning districts, 10 Democrat-leaning districts and two competitive districts. At this time, District 27 includes “parts of Polk, Osceola and Orange counties. 43 percent Hispanic voters, mostly due to increase in Puerto Rican residents; favors registered Democrats.”

A note about Republican Alan West representing District 22 at this time. If the District lines are draw the way we suspect they may be drawn, West will have a lesser chance of winning against a Democrat opponent and according to SaveAllenWest, the proposed lines, drawn by the GOP, DO NOT conform to Florida’s constitutional requirements. I’ll have more on this in the coming days.

Grayson Accuses Republicans on House Floor

While most of the data I find states there are no officially declared candidates for Florida District 27, Alan Grayson is running for some yet unofficial District, presumably 27. In 2010, Grayson was the 11th wealthiest member of Congress with a reported worth of $31.4 MILLION. He has reportedly, currently raised in excess of a half-a-million dollars for his campaign – Oxner close to nothing, which explains the poor production values of the video, but the message is clearly there. Visit Oxner’s website here. (My advice to Mr. Oxner – make two or three professional photos available to bloggers – nothing wrong with this one, but photos are important).

Mark Oxner Alan Grayson: Alan Grayson is Baaaaaack (video)

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