Afghanistans Opium Brides: Mothers Sell Children to Get Husbands Back

I want to say that opium growers would have to kill me, my husband and my children before I would let them take my 7-year-old daughter to achieve the return of my husband (and my husband would approve) – but I haven’t been in that miserable hell hole, Afghanistan, so I know only what I hope I would do, but not what I actually would do. Information like what you see in the video is important because this is a Muslim country, this behavior goes on every day, and such torture is dear to the hearts of rogue Muslim men. See the video below. As one of the fathers says: the smugglers are “beyond the bounds of humanity. They have no mercy.”

Afghanistan's Opium Brides

The short story is, opium growers/dealers/smugglers pay poor farming families about $20,000 to grow a poppy crop for them. The Afghanistan government is taking strong action against the farmers, and comes in and destroys the crop. Then the opium dealers show up and take the husband as ransom until the wife can come up with the money. When the money doesn’t appear, they come back for the children. Later in the video a young woman tells of how her father beat her when she resisted being taken so that his life could be spared. Are these men? They are lower than animals. I don’t have the words to express what I feel.

Watch this excellent video documentary of Afghanistan girls being turned over as opium brides and a government who knows about it, but refuses to acknowledge it. If you don’t have time to watch it all, the first five minutes or so tells the story of the desperation in this terrible part of our planet, but it is well-worth watching to the end. The heartbreak of these children is unimaginable. Thanks to Frontline and to Don Laird who sometimes writes at 1389Blog.

Watch Opium Brides on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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  • Don Laird

    There are those who would say that simply drying up the market for the opium, through drug enforcement, is the solution yet it is not as simple as that.

    The crime, the corruption, the poverty, the misery, the lack of education and lack of inclusion in the world on all levels…all of these things contribute to the nightmarish live these people live.

    The problem, hence the solution, is multifaceted.

    Remarkably, the irony lays in both opium and oil.

    With oil, every time we fill our gas tanks we provide funding for our Saudi masters, hence, for those who seek either or our demise or subjugation.

    So too with opium. As our children destroy their lives with this drug the funds generated go, in a miniscule amount, to assuage the misery of the lives of the farmers that grow it, but in large part, to the Taliban and terrorists whose stated goal, again, is our demise or enslavement.

    The common thread that runs through this insanity is Islam, pure and simple.

    As our children destroy their lives with opium: Islam wins.

    As our children spend millions on this drug: Islam wins.

    As the impoverished farmers live lives spent in fear and misery: Islam wins.

    As our society and civilization slowly collapses: Islam wins.

    The solution, in part, lays in the realization that the political ideology of Islam is the largest contributor to this vicious circle. An ideology that instructs its men to treat women and girls like so much property, like so much human garbage…..rid themselves of the shackles of this poisonous dogma and step into the 21 century and begin to end their misery.

    The reestablishment of a code of moral values and ethics in North America, in the West is the first step forward. To once again walk the path that the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights walked not so many years ago.

    And finally, to rid ourselves, at least in our own homelands, of the scourge of Islam, in every form.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • We must count our blessings and thank God for our better fate!