Act of Valor Trailer: How it Was Made – Who They Are: Real SEALs Real Hardware Real Bullets

A new movie that started out as a training film for recruits will have a multi-million dollar national release with active duty Navy SEALs and other military on the screen. Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive has previewed the movie and says it is “awesome.” I can’t think of a better way to give a military movie credibility than his own words:

There are many reasons but let’s start with the most important one- the guys in the movie are Navy SEALs, real ones, from SEAL teams and it shows. There is action in every bit of this movie. It was done by real dudes so it actually looks real and in a lot of cases is real. One of the best examples is when a couple of fast boats come to exfil them from a hostage rescue and the boat guys light up some bad guys and their pick up trucks with miniguns. Almost too beautiful for words.

But let’s use some words anyhow. This movie did something I think everyone here will truly appreciate: It showed our warriors without any of the usual BS Hollywood feels obligated to add. They were fighting bad guys, killing them in bunches and not feeling remorse or commiting war crimes or breaking down in tears over the inhumanity of it all. Good guys kick ass and tangos get stacked like cord wood.

According to Jimbo, the SEALs in the movie didn’t volunteer. Read it all here. This is the best pre-scoop you’ll get on it, I guarantee.

A covert rescue mission takes place in Yugoslavia to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent and ends in a much bigger mission. It’s my understanding that the SEALs and other personnel are not named in credits. The movie took two years to make due to deployments.

I urge you to go to the website and click the ‘making of’ tab for a look inside the movie, what the producers have to say about the SEALs. It’s better than the trailer, in my opinion. It gives me chills, shivers and goosebumps that, said simply, our men spend their days saving America…because that is what they do, in spite of us. Then, if you have time, click the tab ‘real bullets‘. Visit the Act of Valor website here. Act of Valor appears in theaters February 17th.

Act of Valor Trailer (video)

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