Zuccotti Park – The Entanglements: Biden, Shaheen, Bloombergs Girlfriend, Soros, DOE $168M Loan

Zuccotti Park was the home of the New York City Occupy Wall Street gathering. Zuccotti Park is owned (not managed) by Brookfield Office Properties. Zuccotti is a private park, and as such could allow occupiers to camp on in it’s property. The question is, why would they do so with the trampled grass, the filth and the disruptions and inconveniences to the lives of those who work and live in the area. Was Brookfield Office Properties paid by someone to endure the assault of drugs, alcohol, nakedness, garbage with hypodermic needles, and the streets and cop cars used as toilets? Why would they agree to such an arrangement – no matter how Left their management may be? Could a large DOE loan be a motivator? Follow the trail below, and don’t miss the ties to the Biden family and Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

John Zuccotti - Chairman Brookfield Office Properties

Here’s the trail:

1) Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) has a reported $150 Billion in assets and $100 Million in cash flow (click the link and scan through BAM’s quarterly letter to shareholders). (Note also the world wide interests of BAM, including Canada, Brazil, Chile and Australia.)

2) BAM owns Brookfield Renewable Power Company

3) Brookfield Renewable Power Company owns Granite Reliable, a wind farm in New Jersey

4) BAM received a $168.9 Million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy for Granite Reliable, in September 2011. (This article dated September 2011, says the DOE has provided $40 Billion in similar loan guarantees.) Also involved with Granite is Freshet Wind Energy.

Freshet is “mysterious.” This straight from National Wind Watch (read more here):

Brookfield/GraniteWind bought its 75% stake in the Coos Country project from Nobel Environmental Power out of Connecticut, leaving the mysterious Freshet Wind Energy with a 25% interest in the project.  But who is Freshet?  There’s no web site, and it is almost invisible on Google except in the press about the Department of Energy loan.  There is nothing about Freshet as a company.  But Freshet Wind Energy is doing business in New Hampshire so I found it listed on the NH Secretary of State Web Site.

Freshet Wind Energy LLC, is incorporated in Delaware but it’s office is in Lyme, New Hampshire.  The registered agent is Tom Colgan who is listed as the principal for Wagner Wind Energy LLC.  Tom Colgan also runs Wagner Forrest Management, (see also here), Wagner Energy, and all the other iterations of Wagner Wind Energy (l, ll, lll ), all incorporated in Joe and Hunter Biden​‘s home state of Delaware, all run by Wagner Forrest Management and Colgan, out of the same office on Orford road in Lyme New Hampshire.

So Colgan and Wagner/Freshet Wind are benefiting from the $168 million dollar Department of energy Loan they just received, which everyone else is busy tying to Bloomberg, George Soros, and the Occupy protest.  But it is also the same loan that Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who just happen to sit on the Senate Committee on Energy and National Resources, was crowing about in this June 21st article in the union leader. The original loan guarantee appears to have been 135 million, but closed at 168 million, thanks to who I have yet to figure out.  But Shaheen is involved, she’s bragging about it, and Colgan is a major beneficiary.

So is it any coincidence that the only large dollar political contribution Tom Colgan appears to have made is a $500.00 donation to Senator Jeanne Shaheen?  The contrition was made over a year after she took office, in a non election year for her Senate seat.  Does this all seem a bit too convenient?

Did I mention that all of Colgan’s businesses runs through the Biden’s Backyard ? and the loan was lobbied for by Hunter Biden’s Lobbying firm of Oldaker, Biden & Belair?

Brookfield Asset Management is BIG TIME in forestry. Norbord, Inc. (eco-friendly sub-flooring)  is an international forest products company. Serving as the chairman of their Board of Directors since 1987 is Jack L. Cockwell, the Group Chair of Brookfield Asset Management, and the Director of Brookfield Properties. Also on the Board of Norbord is Pierre Dupuis, a Trustee of Brookfield Renewable Power Fund; Dominic Gammiero, a Managing Partner of Brookfield Special Situations Partners; Robert J. Harding, Chair of Brookfield Gloval Infrastructure Advisor Board and a Director of Brookfield Asset Management and former Chair.

The good news? So far, no evidence of a DOE bailout for Norbord, but plenty of interest in forestry in Biden’s Delaware.

Another DOE loan connection from Aaron Klein:


The sister-in-law of John Podesta, President Obama’s influential White House transition director, served as the lobbyist for a wind power firm that was just awarded a $135.8 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, KleinOnline has learned.

The company is Brookfield Asset Management. It boasts a board of nine directors, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s long-term girlfriend.

Heather Podesta + Partners:

Heather Podesta worked as an aide to former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley [D-NJ] and other lawmakers before becoming a lobbyist and launching Heather Podesta + Partners. Her team includes Eric Rosen, a former counsel to then-senator and now vice president Joe Biden; Tony Haywood, who served as counsel to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee under then-chairman Henry Waxman [D-CA]; and Stacy Stordahl, a former health-policy adviser to Senator Herb Kohl [D-WI], among others.” (2ndQ 2009)

Brookfield Renewable Power

5)  George Soros and many wealthy Democrat supporters own stock in BAM

6) Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) owns 50% of the shares of Brookfield Office Properties.

7) John Zuccotti is the Chairman of Brookfield Office Properties and, according to Wikipedia (the only source I can find for this information,  was active in Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign. He is also said to have donated to both Democrats and Republicans. Looking through some of the “sunlight-type” websites I do see contributions to both Republicans and Democrats, as Zuccotti is a real-estate guy and Republicans lease and purchase properties in high profile places, just as Democrats do.

7) Brookfield Office Properties owns Zuccotti Park in New York City

8) NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s live-in billionaire girlfriend, Diana Taylor, sits on the board of Brookfield Office Properties.

So once again, why would Brookfield want to put their plum property in Manhattan up for such abuse? Bet your guess is every bit as good as mine. More interesting details at Romantic Poet. Thanks to Carl Middleton for an email that spurred tying the ends together. 

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