Zuccotti Park: No Patriotism Allowed – Brookfield “Respectfully” Declined Madison Rising Concert

Zuccotti Park owners, Brookfield Office Properties, “respectfully” declined a permit request by patriotic rock band, Madison Rising, to perform in Zuccotti Park. No reason was given other than Brookfield is not allowing concerts in the Park at this time. A band with a completely positive message, and named after Founding Father James Madison, has a message that is apparently repugnant to Brookfield. Maybe it’s their new release Right to Bear, or In The Days That Reagan Ruled. Or the fact that lead singer Dave Bray is a proud Navy vet, or that our troops and their families are a focus of their music, or maybe these guys simply have an enviable musical pedigree making devotion to OWS drum circles ridiculous and annoying. The declined permit was relayed via telephone. The company refused to put the rejection in writing. See videos below.

Madison Rising

Pullout quote:

“Right now this country is bleeding. Right now our soldiers need to know we are an appreciative nation. Right now ignorance and apathy are running wild amongst our citizens. Right now we need a voice to unite us amongst the chaos. Right now we need to get people thinking about the issues that really matter. We hope Madison Rising can help. This is what Madison Rising is about. “ ~ Dave Bray

Brookfield would like to get off the news radar, but declining a Madison Rising performance over the telephone is not the way to do it.  Neither is not paying $139,000 in back business taxes to New York City. After leaving New York City to largely clean up the squalor and drug paraphernalia that was Occupy Wall Street, we find Brookfield owes the City of New York $139,000 in back taxes for years 2006-2009. Are all prominent Democrats tax cheats? Seems it’s a good bet they are.

Also keeping Brookfield in the headlines is the answer to this question: why would a $150 Billion entity let this prize piece of property, Zuccotti Park, turn into a cesspool of human filth for two months? Doesn’t make sense, does it? The answer? It was payback. Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), the parent company of Brookfield Office Properties, received a huge Department of Energy loan guarantee ($168 Million) for Brookfield Renewable Power Company and Granite Reliable – a wind farm. There is a “mysterious” connection to Freshet Wind, which U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has reportedly bragged has benefited from the loan guarantee, which started at $135 Million but closed at $168.9 million.

Freshet is incorporated in Delaware (Joe Biden’s state) by Freshet’s agent Tom Colban who runs Wagner Wind Energy. Brookfield ☛ Freshet ☛ Delaware ☛ $169 Million DOE loan guarantee. Think Biden had nothing to do with the loan approval? Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was a founding partner in Oldaker, Biden and Belair – the firm that lobbied for the DOE American taxpayer loan guarantee, although he is no longer associated with them.

So let a few young men sing about soldiers and the Second Amendment, have their tracks mixed by Ron Saint Germain who “has mixed and/or produced and mixed on 18 Grammy nominated projects with 12 winners,” and recorded at Water Studios with a client list including Beyonce, Bonnie Raitt, Shakira, Martin Scorcese and HBO, to name only a few…yet they don’t fit the profile Brookfield wants for Zuccotti Park.

Daily Caller:

He [Bray] wants kids, whose initial instincts might be to go out and do something unproductive “to hear his music and say, “I’m going to go and I’m going to do something a little bit more positive with my life. I’m not going stand around with a sign … I’m going to start a business.”

Mmmmm. Can’t have any of that in Zuccotti Park.

The first video below is a profile of the band. Four young men expressing the views we seldom hear from this generation, but know are out there. Here are young patriots willing to speak of war and politics. The second video is their release of Walking Through the Door.

Hear snippets of the ten songs on the new album here. My favorites: Right to Bear, although it’s hard to choose, Hallowed Ground, Soldiers of America, Walking Through the Door – all a slice of the freedoms we are losing, the respect for God and Country we are losing, and the threat to remaining the Home of the Free, because of the Brave. If you live in the New York City area (or not), give Brookfield some grief .

Three World Financial Center
200 Vesey Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10281
Tel: 212-417-7000
Fax: 212-417-7214

RIGHT TO BEAR – lyrics:

Late one night as I came home
And saw the front door broken in
I grabbed my piece and went inside
To see who lurks within
There we stood face to face
My gun, the thief, and I
Man you should have seen him run
When I cocked that .45

Disarmed our rights will disappear
We won’t let it happen here

Its one of my rights as a free man
To protect my home when needed
I demand my right to bear arms
Its one of my rights as a free man
To protect my home when needed
I demand my right to bear arms

The government makes the gun laws
So they can take our right to own
Every citizen un-armed
Is a citizen they control
All they see are weapons
It’s the only thing they know
Disarm the voting country-men
And society will fall

You’ll never take our guns away
In return for tyranny


The people have spoken
We won’t let it happen
We won’t let it happen here


Buy the album here! Thanks to Zack at Purple Eagle Entertainment, with the mission to “produce music about freedom to inspire and educate people around the world.”

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Meet Madison Rising (video)

Walking Through the Door (video)

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