US Out of Iraq – US Into Syria? Journalist Sibel Edmonds Says US NATO Troops on Syrian Border

As U.S. troops are shown leaving Iraq – “the war has ended,” and rolling into Kuwait, disturbing stories are leaking that some of those troops are now in Jordan, training for the coming operation to down Syrian President Bashir Assad.

Sibel Edmonds

[December 13, 2011] Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, formerly a translator with the FBI, wrote over the weekend that American soldiers are among the NATO troops that have mysteriously and suddenly landed on the Jordanian and Syrian border. According to her, several sources internationally have confirmed the news, although the US media has been instructed to temporarily censor itself from reporting the news.

Additionally, Edmonds says that American and NATO forces are training Turkish troops as well, to possibly launch a strike from the north of Syria.

Edmonds writes that an Iraqi journalist based out of London has confirmed that US forces that vacated the Ain al-Assad Air Base in Iraq last week did in fact leave the country as part of President Obama’s drawdown of troops, but rather than return home, the soldiers were transferred into Jordan during the late hours of Thursday evening. Another source, writes Edmonds, informs her that “soldiers who speak languages other than Arabic” have been moving through Jordan mere miles from the country’s border with Syria. Troops believed to be NATO/American-affiliated have been spotted between the King Hussein Air Base in al-Mafraq and the Jordanian village of Albaej and its vicinity. Source RT.

Edmonds also said that NATO troops have been training in the area outside of Syria since May, and that the U.S. press was prohibited from reporting until this report came out.

Here’s a report from The DEBKA File:

The video below comes from Sibel Edmonds’ site, who I know little about, so until we hear more, cast a skeptical eye at this story. She is an FBI whistleblower, controversial, and I don’t know if this a “left” or “right” story. Click the photo above for additional information on Edmonds, where you will read that the Bush Administration “spent 6 years silencing” her.

Monkey in the Middle reports 6000 to 8000 troops are in Jordan to protect that country from an attack from Syria, where a Syrian tank concentration is building across Jordan’s border. Pat Dollard has more on the DEBKAfile report.

Interview with Former Syrian Journalist on US Troops in Jordan (video)

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