Unemployment 8.6% Corrupt: Here’s the Math – Not Fuzzy But Corrupt: 17 Things to Think About

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.6% in November 2011 from 9% in October. That’s a 4-tenths-of-one-percent drop, which is hyped as huge. If it were true. To get to 8.6%, September and October jobs were adjusted up. Here are 17 things to think about and how the math works.

1) We must create 250,000 per month for years, to keep up the population growth and to take the unemployment rate back to 6%,

2) According to Bureau of Labor statistics, in November we created 120,000 jobs.

3) A side note: Government jobs decreased by 20,000 in November. YAY!

4) Retailers are responsible for the largest portion of the hiring to take care of Thanksgiving and Christmas traffic – mostly temporary jobs. Don’t expect January 2012 to be pretty.

5) In November, 5.7 million people have been without a job for more than 6 months.

6) In November, the average length of unemployment rose to a record high of 40.9 weeks.

7) In November, 315,000 people quit looking for a job, may have lost their unemployment benefits and are no longer showing up as unemployed.

8] We did not create 315,000 jobs, thus lowering the unemployment rate, we had 315,000 job seekers who gave up – no longer looking.

9) We created 120,000 jobs – only!

10) The “labor participation” rate tells the story. The rate was 64.2% to 64%. The 2-tenths-of-one-percent drop equals 315,000 bailing out all records tracking the unemployed.

11)”So just 120,000 new jobs can lower the unemployment rate almost a half a point.  That’s not possible without that 315,000 figure, the 315,000 people who have just walked away.” 

12) “Bloomberg News is even reporting this means that more people left the workforce than got jobs. Now, stop and think of this. More people left the workforce than got jobs, and the unemployment rate goes down? We’re dealing here with a serious form of corruption, manipulation of data;…”

RUSH: Let me give you another way of illustrating what the regime did to get to this unemployment number, and it is very similar to how baseline budgeting works.  Another way of looking at this is this. You had 120,000 jobs that were created.  You have 315,000 people who dropped out.  What you do is add those together and you get a number 435,000, and that 435,000 the government today says are no longer unemployed.  So 435,000 jobs created… No.  No, no.  Let’s not go that far. So, 435,000 people no longer unemployed results in an unemployment rate dropping from 9.0 to 8.6.  See how that works?  This is what they do.  This is what they did.

This is how it happens: 120,000 people find work, 315,000 quit looking; those 315,000 are no longer called unemployed.  That’s the U3 clarification, qualification.  U3 is made up of people looking for work and people who have lost their jobs and so forth.  The 315,000 stop looking.  They are added to those who are unemployed, and you get a grand total of 435,000.  That’s how it happens. ~ Rush Limbaugh

13) The work force is smaller by 2.5 million jobs since Obama took office.

14)”I wonder how many would have to quit looking for work to get unemployment back down to five percent… ~ Allahpundit

15) Think about this: a drop of 315,000 at the highest hiring time of the year is no normal, or generally expected.

16) Obama’s fuzzy math:  “The American workforce is 153 million. The unemployment rate went from 9% down to 8.6% – do the math [153,000,000 X .004 = 612,000]. That should be an increase of 612,000 jobs. Now we find the actual number is 120,000 jobs. [612,000 minus 120,000 = 492,000] We are missing 492,000 jobs…300,000 are people who have given up [492,000 minus 300,000 = 192,000] We’re still missing 200,000 jobs…I’m telling you, there’s something wrong here.” ~ Eric Bolling. See the graphic above and the video below.

17) The trend has been for good numbers to be released from the government on numerous political issues, then late on a Friday a couple of months later, new numbers are released and they are not nearly as “good.” This time it’s the opposite: September and October unemployment numbers were released and then revised up (better)…perhaps to help move the November unemployment number down.

Bottom line: The math isn’t fuzzy, it’s corrupt. If the video disappears or does not work, view it here.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Thanks Maggie, it cannot be stated often enough that the numbers game with regard to unemployment is rarely presented accurately. The 315,000 who dropped from the ranks of those seeking employment aside this is nothing new. The UNDER employed and those who have withdrawn from the workforce entirely have been the under-reported casualties of a badly compromised economy for several years or more.

    While Obama fiddles as America burns the rest of those in the federal government as well as state and local POLS in most instances are taking a business as usual posture that will not recharge our economy.

    As much as I hate to admit it, political motives or not, Republicans are mostly correct in pushing for modifications to government regulation as the public sector’s contribution to getting our economy going. Problem is they continue to avoid the spending problem and tax certainty. We need the government limited and a simple tax and regulation environment that enables all Americans to be job creators; whether a self-employed entity of one or an employer who hires thousands.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hear OK has been feeling the earth move under its feet regularly. Is that true?

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  • Not to worry none of us that have any cognitive sense – believe a word of the unemployment figures of 8.6%. All a pack of lies like the Obamanation puts out on a daily basis. The Muslim White House can just give it up – we know what you are up to. No good as usual! Obama uses Taqiyya.

  • Excellent post, Maggie — no one in the liberal media will question the missing 492,000 jobs because to do so would expose Pres. Zero’s bogus claim.

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  • drjuris

    This is how the unemployment rate has always been calculated. It works the other way around too. Early in 2011 there were three consecutive months of over 200,000 jobs created, yet the unemployment rate didn’t fall at all. You know why? Because all the new jobs encouraged people who were not in the job market – some for years – to start looking again. These people were instantly counted as “unemployed” and kept the unemployment number exactly where it was despite almost 750,000 new jobs created in one quarter. When the conservatives commented about how the rate remained above 9% all that time, those of us who understood the concept explained it on blogs all over the place but were completely dismissed. So now, all of the sudden, those people dropping back out of the workforce gets your attention. The idea that this is a “fake” drop in the unemployment rate is absurd. It is as fake as the unemployment rate not going down at all during that quarter of 3/4 million jobs being created. This is not an issue of anyone cooking the books or twisting the statistics. It is just the normal ebb and flow of the unemployment rate and it accurately reflects the jobs market as it has for decades. Note that the 120,000 jobs created is a net between new private sector jobs created and government jobs being lost. This is significant because for the last 2 years, there has been a net gain in jobs every single month despite the fact that government jobs has gone down every single month. Those of you who want smaller government should be happy about this. You should also be honest and accept the fact that well over 2 million private sector jobs have been created in that time too. This is the right direction. It is not as fast as we all would hope. However, it is not getting “worse” and the stimulus was not by any measures a “failure.” The economy has been growing for 2-1/2 years and the unemployment rate will continue to go down over time. Additionally, Rush’s twisting of the facts needs needs to be addressed. Yes, there are 2.5 million less jobs than there were on inauguration day 2009. But that month and the next couple were the worst of the job losses, just continuing the momentum from Oct, Nov, and Dec of 2008. From the recession beginning in 2007, to Obama’s 4th month in office, about 8 million jobs were lost, roughly 4.5 to 5 million of them after inauguration day. However, that slide was slowed, stopped, and reversed by Fall 2009 and now we have gained back about 2.5 million. We have gained jobs in all but one of the last 24 or 25 months in a row since then. And this number includes losing close to a million government jobs. (Meaning private sector employment has actually increased by over 3 million in the last two years. If it was not for federal, state, and local governments shedding those jobs the unemployment rate would actually be in the 7’s right now.)