Tyler Brehm Sunset and Vine Shooter Yelled Allahu Akhbar?

Tyler Brehm went on a shooting spree at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. In the video below, you’ll hear one witness say Brehm, 26, was yelling Allahu Akhbar. If what you hear in the video is true, take note that no one wants to report it. Whether true or not, had the claim been that a skinhead was doing the shooting, it would have been reported…true or not. Or a young man crying out to God – it would have been reported. No one would have taken the time to verify, because, after all…an eyewitness said it, and that eyewitness was caught on video. But no, he might have said Allahu Akhbar – and it’s simply not worth making the news.

Tyler Brehm


Depending on which report you believe, Brehm shot up to three people, one of them is in critical condition, shot in the neck, jaw, face and or chest. That man is said to be music executive, John Atterberry.  The shooter was able to get off 20 rounds before the police tried to disarm him, and instead, shot him. He died in the street.

Officials said he menaced drivers in the parking lot at a McDonalds then continued to fire as he walked north up Vine. It was just south of Sunset when he encountered a silver Mercedes sports car and fired several shots that hit vehicle, with at least one round striking music industry executive John Atterberry, who was in the car, in the face.

After shooting Atterberry, the gunman walked into the middle of Vine and the intersection with Sunset and continued firing into the air and at cars.

LAPD officials said several people had their windows shot out. It was not clear exactly where Brehm reloaded, but several witnesses reported seeing him placing a new clip into the weapon.

UPDATE: 8:14 pm CDT: KTLA5 is reporting that John Atterbury died today at 4:51 pm.

A witness said Brehm was also armed with a knife, and he shouted that he wanted to die.

Ex-girlfriend Alicia Alligood: said Brehm wanted to “change the world,” and was “a humanitarian.” She said Brehm met a woman who he thought was a pharmaceutical  saleswoman. She had given him pills and according to Alligood, Brehm was “never the same.”

Alicia Alligood, 24, said  that she and Tyler Brehm, 26, dated for four years before breaking up [“this month”]. In an interview with KTLA News, she described Brehm as “really stressed out lately” and said he’d recently started taking pharmaceutical drugs, which she called surprising because he wasn’t one to use hard drugs. 

The area of the shooting is in the heart of Hollywood, an area where filming is happening at almost any time of the night or day. Passerbys thought the shots were from a movie set. The ArcLight Cinema is also right there. You can buy reserved seats in advance and have dinner before the movie on a screen that is considered “pure” for displaying your work on the big screen. The ArcLight is its own experience.

The “Allahu Akhbar” remark is at about 2:37-in. Maybe… if we don’t say he said it, it never happened. Kinda like not saying the real unemployment rate is 11%.

Tyler Brehm Shoots at Motorists at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood (video)

Video credit: KTLA5

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • a friend of Tyler

    How about you get your facts straight before assuming he was a jihadist. Tyler would have NEVER been sacrificing himself for that cause. And he is also NOT Hispanic.

    • Friend of Tyler, how about you reading what I said. My point was that an eye-witness is on video saying he yelled Allahu Akhbar. I indicated it may or may not be true – but the point is, an eye-witness account is not reported. Everything else is reported, but not that! I said NOT a single word about being Hispanic. I don’t know what he was other than trying to kill someone and he almost succeeded. Maybe he will succeed. Atterbury is critically injured and his injuries may affect him for the rest of his life.

      • Ana in Los Angeles

        The victim died. Keep up Maggie.

      • another friend, frankly, my first thought was of John Atterberry and why he was shot down. I also feel deeply for Tyler’s family, who I’m sure are suffering, but it is Tyler that has caused that suffering.

        KTLA5 reported this. Go give them some grief. Any another comments from you will be deleted.

  • Alpha Kenny Juan

    This is why blogging will never take the place of true journalistic outlets such as the L.A. Times, New York Times, BBC, or a host of other legitimate media. You have the nerve to publish a completely unsubstantiated charge (i.e., that the shooter was yelling “allahu akbar”) in order to disparage Muslims (incidentally, I’m an atheist). You should be ashamed of yourself, Maggie.

    • Alpha Kenny Juan, the video was on KLA5, so talk to them about their ‘nerve.’ At least they showed it, although they did not mention it. Is everything else he said and did unsubstantiated? Or do you just pick and choose what might be true and what is not. This story was about what the media did not do. Get this: I don’t care what you are.

      • Alpha Kenny Juan

        Maggie, I’m not sure what KLA5 is — do you proofread before you publish, or do you “shoot from the hip” without regard to conventions of spelling, grammar — or truthfulness?

        • What is not truthful about quoting what was said by a witness, viewed as worthy by KTLA5? Don’t bother answering.

          • Alpha Kenny Juan

            Maggie, there’s nothing “not truthful” about quoting from one Filipino man who speaks heavily-accented English and might very well have misheard what Tyler Brehm was shouting, but you shaped your entire article around that one quote. So far, none of the other witnesses have mentioned hearing any such words, and so far there is no evidence that indicates that Brehm was Muslim.

            However, let me say this: After reading a bit of your blog, I can’t help but notice how much you have in common with another man who is well-known in Oklahoma: Timothy McVeigh. You and he seem to share a common ideology; would it be fair for me to write an article in which I compare your beliefs with McVeigh’s beliefs?

            • Alpha, my article was based on what the media did not report. The anchors could have, and should have, said the AA quote has not been verified, but they didn’t do that. My report was about the media and what they choose to report…or not.

              Hey write that article comparing me to McVeigh. That will be novel. Go for it.

        • Alpha Kenny Juan

          Maggie, I noticed that you changed your misspelling of “KLA5” to “KTLA5” and you changed it in my post as well. Are you in the habit of editing others’ posts to suit you? Have you included any verbiage in your blog that allows you to do so? If not, then you may open yourself to a charge of libel.

          • Alpha, my apologies. I did not intend to change it in yours. I answered you back, and so that would have made no sense. However, I can edit what I like here.

            • Alpha Kenny Juan

              Comment deleted by blog owner.

              • Alpha, my article and my replies to you here explain what my article was about. You have chosen to see otherwise. Move on.

                • Alpha Kenny Juan

                  Move On? I love that group, Moveon.org. I also love the fact that you published my posts and my user name, Alpha Kenny Juan. Say it five times fast, I dare ya. 🙂

  • Ana in Los Angeles

    Maggie, stick to reporting on what’s happening in Tulsa, OK and leave our local news to us. You sound ridiculous.

    • Ana, stick to reading and watching your local news, like KTLA, who aired the video. Talk about ridiculous. At least I didn’t make it up, but you, YOU ignored it.

      • Ana in Los Angeles

        Maggie, the link I just gave you is about an incident that happened in Tulsa, OK. According to your “About Me” page you LIVE there!!! KTLA is one of our local stations so I thought I’d let you fact check it.

        The point that you missed was, give us the facts on a story where YOU are and let us give you the facts on the story from Los Angeles.

        • Ana, the point you miss is that you are not in charge of LA’s news. Neither am I. You talk about what you want to talk about on your blog, or somewhere. I’ll do the same.

          You have completely missed the point of the story, and as I said, ignored it as well.

          • Ana in Los Angeles

            Maggie, what I saw was you putting misleading ideas out on the internet instead of waiting to hear facts, and then commenting.

            Do you realize I found you because I did a search on the kid’s name and what came up fourth or fifth was your blog saying that the kid was yelling “Allahu Akhbar”. I have nothing against people exercising their freedom of speech online but be prepared to be called on when putting misleading info out there for all to read, even if you didn’t mean it maliciously.

            and THAT is my point.

  • Ana in Los Angeles

    Maggie, here, give us the facts on this news story.


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  • Kevin

    You poor sensitive Muslim appeasers, please fact check
    this web site. Thanks


  • Dan Lyles


    You seem to be stuck, righteously indignant, on a biased media that chooses not to report one person’s eye witness account. Perhaps the media would have reported the supposed “Allah Akbar” shouting if even one single other witness reported the same or if it could be heard on any of the many videos that captured that horrific episode. To my knowledge there was only one witness who reported hearing “AA” AND nothing close to “AA” could be heard in the several videos that were shot.

    I would suggest that omitting the one man’s claim from the story is not the work of a biased liberal media but simple and ethical journalistic responsibility. Checking facts and corroborating reports is a foreign concept to many bloggers who chose to draw their conclusions first and then fabricate “facts” to substantiate their own racist agenda. It is evident from reading many of the the reader posts that those bloggers have an audience (hopefully small) that is more than willing to eat whatever poison is fed to them.

    Illiterate bigots are not interested in truth. Fabrications that reinforce their own paranoid hatred fit the bill just fine.

    • Dan Lyles, I’m often “stuck” on the media and how it reports. In this case, I suggest you talk to KTLA5. You don’t like blogs, so don’t come back. You have a world of options out there.

  • Dan Lyles


    I followed your advice as best as I could. Though I did not talk to KTLA, I did peruse the site for the story. What I found was the video (the link of which you have posted and credited to KTLA) and three written articles on the shooting. The video (as you note) includes the brief footage of the gentleman describing “Allah Akbar” shouts from the shooter. Those comments were included in the KTLA footage without editorial comment. As far as the three KTL written articles go, there is no mention at all of the comments made by that single eyewitness.

    Regarding the one single claim, you stated that “no one wants to report it”. Obviously that is not true because KTLA DID report it (or at least covered the comment) in their video. It appears that they, rightly so and exercising journalistic responsibility, elected not to pursue that isolated comment any further since there was nothing to it. I am gathering that you take issue with the fact that no other news outlets made any mention of the comment and that, possibly (I am guessing here) KTLA should have gone further with some sort of a witch hunt tying this troubled young man to Islam.

    Since I am just guessing, I would really like to hear it straight from you as to your purpose in spotlighting this irrelevant and uncorroborated comment by an individual obviously working on his command of the English language. I would love to hear from you two answers to two questions:

    1. What are you implying about Islam with your comments?
    2. Do you not find it odd that this one man’s observation is completely uncorroborated by other eye witness accounts or by audio evidence in the several videos that recorded the tragic incident? Why didn’t anybody else mention hearing that? Why can we not hear it on any of the audio?

    I’d love to hear your answers if you can.

    Regarding your “you don’t like bloggers” comment, you need to read carefully Maggie because you are jumping to conclusions. I did not say that I don’t like bloggers. I commented that “MANY bloggers” conclude first and then fabricate supporting arguments after the fact. I am in fact hopeful that you are NOT one of those manipulative demagogues and that you can clarify your comments and address my questions by formulating a coherent, fact based response to my (and others’) questions. I am all ears (eyes). Don’t disappoint me.

  • Sam

    1. What are you implying about Islam with your comments?

    I’ll answer for Maggie. There’s no need to ‘IMPLY’ anything about islam, muslims cheerfully give us many many examples of what the ‘religion of peace’ is really all about, and that is the subjugation of the world and its conversion to islam. Read the koran, listen to the clerics and the believers, just don’t repeat the bullshit you hear in our media about the peace-loving muslims. Once the world is 100% islamic, according to their own clearly-written beliefs, there will be peace, but until then they struggle to bring the word of their alleged deity to us infidels. Don’t bother comparing ‘islamic extremists’ to ‘fundamentalist christians’ until there are ‘fundamentalist christians’ committing the same atrocities on the same global scale as the mohammedans.

    Incidentally, there are several options for us infidels under sharia law: convert and take on a second-class status, pay the jizziya tax of non-believers and take on an even lower status in their legal system, or die. Sorry, I don’t like them options. Study history, and not simply the PC kind. Learn what the 1st crusade was all about, basically do some research about the last 3,000 years or so and you will have your own answer. Just don’t repeat the BS you get in our media – find out the truth for yourself.

  • Sam

    2. Do you not find it odd that this one man’s observation is completely uncorroborated by other eye witness accounts or by audio evidence in the several videos that recorded the tragic incident? Why didn’t anybody else mention hearing that? Why can we not hear it on any of the audio?

    I’ll repeat what Maggie already stated: that is what the witness stated and that is what Maggie reported and raised further questions about. What part of this simple equation is not clear to you? The only demagogue I see here is you, Dan, who will trample upon a person making an observation without reason.

    • Sam, thanks so much for entering the conversation and speaking the truth about the problem with Islam in America (as if 9/11/01 wasn’t a clear picture). And also, thank you for repeating my point again. I really appreciate it

  • JJ

    Well, if he wasn’t crazy with Jihad and Islam he must have been high on drugs. What else causes a sane person to murder innocent people?

    • JJ, yes, something was going on with him. His ex-girlfriend indicated that he was on drugs.

  • Dan


    I would love to be enlightened to your version of “history” about Islam instead of my own “PC kind”. Since you profess expertise in that realm maybe you will kindly cite the references in the Koran that give you such apparent paranoia. And please cite the direct source instead of simply regurgitating the paranoid rants of that oxycontin junkie Rush Limbaugh. Can you do that for me? You give me the reference and I promise I will read it.

    Regarding my (what I thought was direct) question, you have simply recycled the same rant that has been repeated often by Maggie in this thread. Apparently the account of one single witness who can barely speak English carries more weight than a mountain of contradictory accounts and videos. So let me ask the question again, since you are having trouble comprehending:


    What part of that simple question do you not understand? Can you simply answer it instead of droning on and on with the same tired mantra?

  • He absolutely did not shout Allah Akbar, I was there filmed the entire thing and even spoke to him during the incident as I tried to distract him from my 4th floor apartment. Witnesses also said he was staying “shoot me, I want to die” again that is wrong. I was the one saying those things to get his attention and it worked.