Trump Debate a Joke? A Reality Show? Beneath Office of President?

I don’t think so. Last night on the Fox Panel, Donald Trump was roundly flogged for moderating a debate with GOP Presidential candidates. The complaints were that Trump might still run himself, Trump is not a journalist, a Trump debate is nothing more than a reality show, it’s a joke and beneath the office of the Presidency (that from Ron Paul). Charles Krauthammer joined in and agreed. Karl Rove has expressed similar opinions. Krauthammer, Rove and other elitists need to get over themselves. True Conservative members of any Tea Party can do as well as any “journalist,” and a Trump debate isn’t a reality show until it’s over and the audience decides it is a joke. See the video below.

The jokes are the early debates moderated by various progressive, partisan hacks. Most ‘journalists’ are a joke, in my opinion. Sheeeesh! I am sick of these establishment efforts to elect Mitt Romney, and that’s what this is about. I’m still listening to the candidates. I’m still making up my mind, because the two candidates I know without a doubt, will do the job, may be out of the running. I want to hear these debates, and Trump will ask some hard questions.  If Trump’s position is wrong, or unpopular, so be it, but he’s not a joke. If he doesn’t do a good and honorable job, if his questions are inane, if no one shows up to debate, if there is no audience, so be it, but as Nancy Pelousy (hat tip to NiceDeb) indicated, you have to read or see something to know what’s in it, or what the end result will be.

Shame on Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove. Talk your guy up if you want to, but stop the condescending bitching.

If the video will not play, or disappears, view it here.

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The Fox Panel, Charles Krauthammer, Trump Debate a Joke (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I think he thought it would be a great PR stunt, but it has backfired big time.

    • Trestin, how has it backfired, since we don’t know who will show up or what kind of audience he will get?

  • How is Trump any worse than duplicitous lib “moderators” we’ve been enduring? He might behave lol

    • RR, if behaving means not hitting hard, then I hope he misbehaves. I think many fear the birth certificate question.

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  • We, at Robbing America, agree with Maggie. In one of our news-commentary mini-pieces we recently commented, “Trump’s Republican Debate: stay away from it at your own peril”.

    • John Galt, thanks for the affirmation. I love the debates, even when poorly moderated. It helps this time that Newt jumps down the moderator’s throat, at times. We need to talk about policy. There are areas where Trump is up to the task.

  • Ran

    Gotta love that argument that Trump “is not a journalist.” These days it is not exactly a stinging condemnation, is it?

    I’m with you completely, Maggie! Brava!

  • I am looking forward to seeing Trump in action. He’s not afraid to ask questions others won’t. Remember how he took on Rosie? He called her a pig. He even caused Obama to generate a fake birth certificate.

    • Hi Carl, I wouldn’t vote for Trump for President, but I expect a good debate.

  • Why not sponsor a debate? Who says that you have to be part of the LSM to hold a debate? Oh, the LSM does of course because they are afraid that a REAL DEBATE might show them up as the “jokes” they are.
    Looks as if everyone except Ron Paul and a few of the also rans will show up. Paul hates Trump and knows that Trump would nail his ass to a wall over some of his off the wall ideas. Huntsman, well Huntsman would show up for anything to get a little bit of attention. He needs to go on home same with Saint Santorum who kills what chance he might have had every time he opens his mouth and regurgitates the Tony Perkins line on Values and Family. Johnson who?
    The game is about up for most of the also rans and it will come down to Romney, Gingrich and Perry. The LSM boys and Carl (wannabe kingmaker again)Rove are all in the bucket for Romney when last time they all wanted to crucify him. Is Romney stupid or something or does he have a short memory. If I were him I’d watch my back very carefully around Rove and the rest of the LSM. While they will attack Gingrich head on , they will stab Romney in the back.
    Anyhow, You go DONALD and hold all the debates you want. Maybe you can clean out the field sooner than the LSM. Perhaps at the end of the debate or during it you will tell some of them YOUR FIRED! It is desperately needed.

    • ticker, the very fact that Karl Rove cannot control someone like Donald Trump is refreshing. We would hear the same if several Tea Party leaders wanted to do the same. They would do a great job, and be pummeled. It is Republican elitism at it’s ugliest.

  • This is one time we will have to agree to disagree. I feel like Donald Trump is a joke and here is why. He seems to have some claim to fame as an expert, but the only thing he is an expert on is how to make much money with other peoples money. Then, when he loses that money, he files bankruptcy. I honestly do not see how he has a shred of credibility left.

    • Larry, Trump joined his father’s real estate business right out of college. They made their money together. When his financial problems became apparent in the early 90’s, he may have had one of the most responsible bankruptcies ever and debtors got some very impressive properties in exchange for the debt. I’m not defending bankruptcy, but he didn’t walk away.

      I would never want Trump as a personal friend, but as a business partner, I could trust him.

  • I don’t care that he is not a journalist. I care that he has no real credibility. This is a man who spends the majority of his time figuring out how to keep himself in the news. The fact that he has started in about running for president again right when he has a new book coming out pretty much sums it up for me. He is shameless self promoter and could care less about getting out things that the audience cares about.

    • just a conservative girl, Trump is a shameless self promoter, but I do think he will ask pertinent questions.

  • The reality is: You will have a huge amount of people watching the debate because it is a reality star moderating. To not participate is poor decision making….um, something you don’t want in a president. Get your message across to as many people as possible. Simple.

    • kellsbells, I agree, get your message out. I don’t always feel that way when it’s Libs moderating, but even then, when our candidates receive an opportunity to debate, it is a PR nightmare to say you will not show up on MSNBC or elsewhere – unless they all agree not to bushwhacked.

      If someone running for President can’t handle a debate moderator, then we’re in even bigger trouble than we think we are.

      Thanks so much for coming by and joining the conversation!

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  • Maggie everything you said for Trump is right on, not that Donald Trump needs defending. Amen to this: “Shame on Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove. Talk your guy up if you want to, but stop the condescending bitching.”
    The ‘just a conservative girl’ sounds like she needs to grow up before she opens her naive mouth.
    Yes, Maggie it is simple and smart – the joke will be on those that think it’s a joke!
    Trump for President. Let’s get the real JOKER out of the WHITE HOUSE ASAP.
    ABO – anybody but Obama.