The Year Like No Other: Gaining Wisdom to Choose – Choosing Newt

I will not compare 2011, 2012 or 2013 to 1941 as the Gingrich campaign did a few days ago, but I do believe the continued destruction of Americanism will reach the nuclear level if we cannot get a Conservative into the White House by January 2013. Any of the GOP candidates can and will turn the tide and start the movement toward a more Constitutional focus. I’m confident of that, but I still have not settled on a candidate, although I’m leaning toward Newt Gingrich only because I doubt Santorum can win the nomination – although I’m waiting…I’m listening…I’m reading. I have two good articles on choosing candidates that I think you will be interested in. PolitiJim’s Rants has a thoughtful assessment of the current general condition and the path to wisdom, and Jimmie Bise chooses Newt.

The Year Like No Other


It’s so easy to succumb to just a little less freedom – for a bit more comfort. It’s the guiding principle of guerrilla warfare in the acceptance of a government god. Just one little tax at a time, each so insignificant to not warrant the enormous effort of resistance of being called an “obstructionist” or “extremist,” until tyranny now reigns over us in a network of Lilliputian laws so great in number they serve as one gigantic iron noose.

This is the crippling condition of the cowards of Congress. Just one little cigarette more and I’ll quit tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes… Read it here along with specific steps we can take to gain the wisdom we need to choose wisely and keep our integrity intact .

Then at Jimmie Bise’s The Sundries Shack we have a reasoned endorsement of Newt Gingrich. Here’s a snippet:

So I want a fighter and I’m willing to let a few things slide to get one. I’m willing to overlook a man’s marital iniquities, committed decades ago. I’m willing to accept that I may have to fight my President on occasion to push him back on the right course. I realize that at times I may have to get between him and a compromise with the dishonest Nancy Pelosi or the weaselly Harry Reid.

Maybe the fix is already in for Romney. If that’s how it works out, I will be an enthusiastic supporter, but like Jimmie, I want a fighter. I want to believe that while some of Newt’s past positions have been untenable, we the voters must realize that we have never held our politicians to a conservative mantle. In fact, we have demonstrated through electing members to the House and Senate, that we were too busy to be bothered with the Constitution.

People change. Focus changes. Voters change and become more aware. We know today what losing freedom feels like. We are no longer “too busy” to pay attention. I suspect the same is true for our candidates. Gingrich and Romney surely have a new, more Constitutional vision for America as well. Between the two, I’m picking Gingrich at this time, but I’m still listening and acknowledging that Newt is short on funds. It’s a problem.

Many thanks to Katy Pundit for linking in a Tuesday Roundup.

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  • Reagan was the GOP’s last true conservative. Since Reagan we have had GOP smack dab in the center presidents, the George’s. George senior touting NWO and Nafta. Presently, Romney a true RINO is favored by the Bush’s. If only we could ask Reagan what he thinks! Hmmm, maybe his son Michael might have a clue! Let’s get Mikey! Perry is off my list and so is Huntsman. I would never consider Ron Paul, puke! That leaves Gingrich, Bachmann, and Santorum. These are the three that I will support gladly.

    • Fran, this went to spam. Don’t know why, since there are no links. I agree with you and I hear Mikey might consider running for the Senate (or maybe it was the House, not sure).

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