The Other Pennsylvania Child Molestation Story: Democrat Donor Pedophile Ed Savitz Story Told by Victim Greg Bucceroni

This story broke in the blogosphere last week at Libertarian Republican. The story is huge because there are allegations that former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell may have known that a donor, Democrat Ed Savitz, was molesting young boys in Philadelphia. Greg Bucceroni was one of those boys. He says he went to police many years ago, but nothing happened with his eye-witness evidence. Eventually Savitz died in prison from AIDS, leaving a large group of boys in his deadly wake. See an important update in green text below.

Greg Bucceroni

The hope was that some one in the main stream media would talk to Bucceroni and publish his story. That has happened. Today the Philly Inquirer has the story. It does not mention Ed Rendell. I can see the need for real documentation for that claim.

UPDATE 12-5-11: Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican’s update is out, and I think I missed the real point behind Bucceroni’s claims about former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. In this earlier post I said at the time these despicable things were occurring,  Savitz was raising money for then-Philadelphia District Attorney Ed Rendell. I assumed Rendell may have been around Savitz and young boys and, maybe, knew what Savitz was up to, but…it’s even worse, if true. The following from Dondero seems to indicate that while serving as Philadelphia’s District Attorney, Rendell actually covered up evidence, and perhaps did not prosecute when he could have and/or should have.

To recap, Bucceroni is alleging a cover-up by then Philadelphia District Attorney Ed Rendell of a large number of child sex abuses cases involving former Philly-area Democrat activist and fundraiser Ed Savitz and numerous other top Democrat contributors. He is further alleging that current Cong. and local Democrat Party boss Robert Brady, knew of the cover-up.

Dondero says he will have another update tomorrow, and Bucceroni is naming names in addition to Savitz, Rendell and Brady, and “top politicians in the Democrat Party.”

Bucceroni told the Libertarian Republican that Savitz fundraising events were “magnets” for wealthy pedophiles. We’ll see where this story goes now. Read the original here for background and follow the links. Then read today’s article by Daniel Rubin. Thanks to Ran at Si Vis Pacem for the tip!

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