Steven Crowder Liberal Echo Chamber: Bachmann Fallon Sandbag – Calling on Conservative Kids – Looking at Miley Cyrus

This is one of Steven Crowder’s best conversations with America. Yes, there is some humor in it, but he is extraordinarily serious in what I will not pass off as a rant. The subject is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and the vile song bleat as she walked onto the stage of the Jimmy Fallon show, and how it happened that “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” was played. He appeals to Conservative kids and their parents. Miley Cyrus enters the discussion. His points are spot-on. This is well-worth your time.

Steven Crowder

If you are a parent with children living at home, how often do you have conversations with your children about the entertainment industry (other than saying, ‘you will not see that X rated movie’). ‘Entertainment’ occupies our children’s minds close to every minute of the day. Two thumbs up for Crowder’s encouragement (one suggestion – help your children make conservative videos for YouTube).

The Other McCain has ideas, and adds Declaration Entertainment to the fight. I’m not familiar with this site but a quick glance looks worth your time and mine to browse around. Bottom line, the “liberal echo chamber” has to be challenged.

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Steven Crowder on Fallon and Bachmann (video)

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