Stephen Goodman 11 Years Old: Makes 180,000 Personalized Thank You Cards for Troops

Eleven year old Stephen Goodman achieved his goal of creating a personalized thank you card for every deployed member of our military. Stephen’s grandfather is a Vietnam veteran. The first shipment of cards will be delivered this Christmas season. He passed his original goal of 10,000 cards, so some will be delivered to Veteran’s Hospitals. See a video of Stephen below.

Stephen Goodman


Kodak donated more than 100,000 Personalized Greeting cards bearing Goodman’s own design, helping him meet his milestone right in time for the holidays…

Goodman worked with Kodak to design two of his own KODAK Personal Greeting Card templates on the KODAK Picture Kiosk, and the company printed and donated more than 100,000 copies of his custom-designed cards to his cause. In 2011, Kodak created a webpage,, so Goodman could share his story and progress with supporters and also hosted a Fourth of July card drive at KODAK Picture Kiosks in retail stores nationwide. People around the country were able to print and donate Goodman’s cards at the Kiosks to help him reach his goal…

On December 16, Goodman and his family will visit Luke Air Force Base to bestow his 180,000 personalized cards to representatives from a non-profit organization that will help manage the task of delivering his cards to the troops.

This young man spent many hours of his time on this project. How many video games did he NOT play to reach and pass his goal? The Goodman family must be very proud of young Stephen Goodman.

Stephen Goodman Makes Cards for 180,000 Troops (video)

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