Sean Hannity Michelle Malkin: Get Behind GOP or Flush Them Out?

Maybe that should be “flesh” them out? In the video, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin have an interesting conversation about how to choose the GOP candidate. What do you think?

Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin


Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin – Picking the GOP Candidate (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Michelle Malking is passionate and she makes a brand of that. It is her business and we should not be taking her too seriously in matters of selecting a conservative candidate or defining conservatism.

    Ann Coulter is a smart cookie and her poltical sensibility is of a higher order.

    • John Galt, thanks for responding. Yes, I believe Malkin deeply wants a Conservative. At one time, I thought Coulter would want the same. Her Chris Christie pick changed my mind. She is very, very smart, and perhaps has some tight times to the RNC.

    • Ran

      Galt’s ad-hominem comments of Malkin are irrelevant. The substance of what Malkin said: She understands constitutional-conservatism. She is brutal wielding the facts.

      Her point was well made: The Tea element of the conservative base are indeed not as well served, from an ideological view, by Mitt or Newt. Past actions and positions are valid concerns; and both Mitt and Newt have glaring errors aplenty. Romney has simply, demonstrably never taken a leadership role for a conservative or libertarian demand that the federal government be reduced in power, expense, legislative scope or size. Any noises he’s made in that direction came AFTER the Tea stomping of 2010.

      I am for pushing, during the primaries, the most libertarian/conservative constitutionalist with strong national defense positions. Gimme Michele, Sarah, Herman, Santorum.

      In the general I will support Daffy Duck (R) if that’s who the Stupid Party has on the ticket.

      As to Coulter… I love the gal. This Christie and Mitt business has me wondering if she parties with Peggy or if she’s not being frank or honest. I do not buy her points about either of them; totally unexpected. It’s almost like Shakespearean sarcasm.