Rule 5 Saturday Night: Daniela Pestova

A Rule 5 post, why? Because everyone loves a pretty girl. Some of us love fashion and photo shoots at exotic places, and all of us need a break from all politics, all the time. If you are not familiar with Rule 5’s, see the explanation below the photos. My last Rule 5 before Christmas is Daniela Pestova, a model from the Czech Republic. Sure, she has made the cover of Sports Illustrated three times. See a list of my friends hosting Rule 5’s this weekend, below the photos.

Daniela Pestova

Don’t know what a Rule 5 is? Read it here, and specifically, you want to know how to get a million hits on your blog, don’t ya?

My new Rule 5 link policy: if you link something of mine sometime during the week, a Rule 5 or other, I’ll link to your Rule 5.

The Other McCain is the master aggregator of all things Rule 5. The Rule 5 Monday Menu is here.

Opus at American Perspective is my Rule 5 mentor. She showed me how to do it right with this postThis week: Adriana Lima.

Reaganite Republican: Best Gams in the GOP? 

American Power Blog: Video of the 2012 Pirelli Calendar shoot

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove has a Santa Babies and the NFL trimming the tree, and if all you see is the photoshopped snow, you just be a ….! 

Bob at the Camp of the Saints: Rule 5 is Rand Ingerman, and Hump Day is Rosella Brescia, and the bevy is here.

Theo Spark’s Saturday Night Bath is here. The Bonus Babe. Kelly Brook Holiday Video.

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe: Estrella Warren.  Vintage Babe is Joan Collins.

Teresamerica: Kate Beckinsale

Randy’s Roundtable Tart: Kelly Brook

DaleyGator’s DaleyBabe: Bianca Beauchamp

The POH Diaries: Holly Madison

Fritz at A View From the Beach: Hillary Duff

Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus: Bar Refaeli

Full Metal Patriot’s Midweek Peek is Olivia Munn

Jake Finnegan’s Burkelesque Babe is Irina Shayk

Ran at Si Vis Pacem is back with Retro Rule 5s by John Singer Sargent and Diego Velasquez.

My Top 13 Rule 5s (click here to see all):

Lt. Col “Mac” McKenzie

Jennifer Lopez

The Donald’s Daughter

Kate Middleton

Olga Kurylenko

Carrie Underwood

A Conservative Darlin’ – Kelly Pickler

Ana Beatriz Barros

Julianne Hough

Ten Beautiful Swim Suits and the Women in Them

Girls With Guns

Santa’s Babies

Bonnie Jill Laflin

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • proof

    A classy lady! (Oh, and the pictures are nice, too!)

  • Reaganite Republican
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  • ljcarolyne

    Can I just say – I’m so NOT interested in these photo shop pics with women’s boobs hanging out. They are unrealistic, among other things. Guess it gets a million hits – huh! Well what ever it takes to blast Obama out of the country and Maggie you do good in that regard. How about a few handsome pictures of men – maybe Obama will hit on your blog then. I want Obama to know without a doubt how we all feel about him. It won’t make a difference in his lousy attitude and life but it will make us feel better just knowing he knows!

    • Maggie

      Hi ljcarolyn, I have posted a man occasionally. I’ll have to do it more often. You know, I thought I could not do this. Now I really enjoy it. I believe most of the women I choose are not photoshopped, although I’m sure some imperfections are erased. I enjoy the fashion, the make-up and that includes the swimsuits. Beautiful women are beautiful women and I don’t see a thing wrong with putting the pics up. Note that I do bathing suits, but not undies. Of course, swimsuits are nothing more (and often less) than undies.

      The guys have their ways of doing Rule 5’s, very different from mine, but bless them, they support me anyway. I honestly do have fun choosing the woman and then the pics.

      Thanks for the nice comment too. We talk and talk and have to wonder if we are only preaching to the choir. I think not. I believe I get many lefty’s, but not the obnoxious ones, because most do not leave comments. Maybe some it is absorbed.

      Merry, merry Christmas friend!

      • ljcarolyne

        Thanks and you are a good friend plus someone that tells the truth that the world needs to hear, hopefully will heed.
        God Bless in Christ – Happy New Year

  • Reaganite Republican

    Linked again- she’s that hot lol

    You Know Who’s Kinda HAWT?
    Miss Argentina 2011 – Antonella Kruger

    Merry Christmas to you-n-yours, Maggie

  • Reaganite Republican
  • Reaganite Republican