Oprah Shareholders in the Red: Oprah’s Here Rosie’s Here OWN Ratings Under Discovery Health

I remember a much younger Oprah, ‘back in the day,’ when she was a promoter of hard work, integrity, traditional Christianity – all before the Leftist Hollywood began showing up and sitting to her right on the stage. The toll her political positions have wreaked on her Queenly-ness is beginning to show. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is in the red with shareholders.

Oprah Winfrey

OWN is in partnership with Discovery Communications. The Wall Street Journal says this:

“The losses will increase for a period of time, and the funding will increase for a period of time,” Discovery CEO David Zaslav said at an investor conference organized by UBS AG. Discovery has spent $254 million funding OWN through Sept. 30, according to securities filings. Source (says $254M was wasted)

How’s this for a stinging indictment? Oprah’s Here, Rosie’s Here! Yet…Ratings are Lower than Discovery Health, Nov. 1, 2011:

With the recent premieres (and the attendant PR hoopla) of OWN shows Oprah’s Lifeclass and The Rosie O’Donnell Show, you might think that finally the ratings for OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network would rise above those of Discovery Health that it replaced in January

If you thought that, you may wish to think again.

Here are the comparisons across all the adult viewership demos I have between OWN in October, 2011 vs. Discovery Health in October, 2010.

Total Day Avg. viewership: Down 12%
Total Day Women 18-34 viewership: Down 30%
Total Day Women 18-49 viewership: Down 15%
Total Day Women 25-54 viewership: Down 4% (likely the ad target demo for OWN)
Total Day Adults 18-49 viewership: Down 15%
It’s not a surprise that OWN isn’t attracting as many men as Discovery Health, but the fact that it’s still not attracting as many women is a big problem, to put it lightly.

It always seemed to me that the financial play for Discovery was:

Replace Discovery Health with OWN
Negotiate up the network’s subscriber fees from the cable and satco’s.
As Dr. Phil might ask “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”

Seems no one cared that her daytime phenomena was going black. ‘Back in the day,’ before the 24/7 news shows, women on both sides of the aisle watched Oprah in the afternoon. The eventual changes weren’t too subtle, and I’ll repeat: the Hollywood’s Left saw Oprah as a useful tool. They changed everything, including Oprah’s heart and mind – not to mention her programming. Those airbrushed covers of O didn’t help her image either. We began to understand that Oprah no longer cared that truth and integrity should triumph.

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  • The Test Card has a bigger market share than any of her programs.

    He’s hoping that this next year will see the end of OWN and Oprah on TV.

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  • I never had an opinion on Oprah, till, every month on the cover of ‘O’ Magazine, was a picture of Oprah. every single month, there’s Oprah.. What an ego is that? I mean every single month… This month has three Oprahs on the cover.. I mean are you kidding me..? It tells me all I need to know about her. I guess the reason she didn’t stick with acting was because they had to let other actors be in the movies.. I still think her role in The Color Purple was amazing.
    Now this is only my opinion..

  • Never watched The Color Purple – not interested then or now. Oprah is an ego manic and forgot where she came from, sold out to the devil. That trashy what’s her name? (excuse me while I look back for name at the title of blog) oh yea, ‘Rosie’ is the worst – ugly as home made sin – shows just how low Oprah will go & bor-rrrrring too! hahahahahahaha
    I’m glad shareholders are in the RED – hope they go completely bust and we get rid of Oprah for good – never bought her magazine either. Shew wee!

    • Carolyne you just let it all out.. lol. You should see The Color Purple though.. You’d be very surprised the part Oprah played in it. Just amazing. She really should have gotten an academy award for that part. You wouldn’t recognize her at all. I totally agree with you on everything else.

  • Yea, I meant manic, or maniac – or cockamamie whatever you want to call Oprah is OK just not anyone with half since – she loves Obama that is enough for me. Both are sorry, stupid, and ego struck.

  • David – thanks but no thanks on the movie – I’d have to not recognize Oprah because can’t stand the sight of her. Just knowing it was her would turn me off. She doesn’t deserve an academy award for anything but acting like a greedy Godless fool. IMO Have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year in spite of the Obamanation, you too Maggie. God Bless in Christ. All I want for Christmas is Obama & his pay pals out of office – ever that has to be. Get-er done!

    • I hear you there.. but Carolyne.. You’d then love the way she looks in the movie.. at one point she’s beaten so bad, that she ends up disfigured.. lol.. Ok maybe that’s extream but it might bring you closure..lol

    • Just thought of another problem though Carolyne.. You’d have to watch Whoopy.. she’s the main character.. so forget it..

  • Oprah’s determination and climb to success, when one considers her roots, must be respected – however, her embracing of Obama flies in the face of the free market principles that enabled her to succeed. In a socialist regime, she would have been just another oppressed drone.