Occupiers Cost $24M: Is Your City on the List?

Thirty-five U.S. cities are charging taxpayers a total of $24.8 Million, and climbing, to clean up the filth and repair the damage left behind by “occupiers.” Boston, D.C., Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland and San Diego exceed $1 Million in claims each. Let me ask: what is democratic about this? What have the “occupiers” accomplished other than piling on more debt for taxpayers? The answer is nothing. On top of the $24.8 Million is the millions of dollars of loss to businesses affected negatively by the movement. Remember the Richmond, Virginia Tea Party, which paid $8,000 to use the city facilities for their Tax Day Rally, and cost the city nothing for cleanup? Richmond charged “occupiers” nothing for their “occupation,” and allowed them to walk away from $33,000 in after-occupying costs. The Tea Party asked for their $8,000 back, and instead received, an audit notice. Verum Serum has the list of cities and the cost to taxpayers. Is your city on this list? If so, some hassling of the city Fathers might be in order.

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