Obama New Theme: Fair Play, Fair Share, Fair Shot

Obama’s new campaign theme is Fair Play, Fair Share, Fair Shot. ‘Hope and Change’ died a long ugly death for both supporters and non-supporters. Progressives had huge hope for drastic change, got both, but the change was anemic by their standards. Conservatives had no hope of anything good for America, and, indeed, got nothing good. ‘Change’ was massive. As a result, the everyday American knows more about the US Constitution, Debt and Budgeting than anytime since the Founders, who guaranteed Fair Play, a Fair Share, and a Fair Shot.  The most corrupt President in our history guarantees nothing but an escalating Misery Index.


Obama's Long Shadow over America

President Barack Obama’s Kansas speech will show “his vision of an America where everyone engages in fair play, does their fair share and gets a fair shot,” Josh Earnest, Obama’s principal deputy press secretary, said in a Sunday press briefing.

Obama will deliver his new mantra in Kansas and plans to visit University presidents to encourage them to lower costs to students:

Many graduates lack either a job or a skill needed to pay back the loans, which can’t be discharged via bankruptcy. ~ Neil Munro, Daily Caller

That’s quite a dismal indictment of our education of America’s future leaders. College graduates with no skills! Nevertheless:

…leaks from industry insiders say the president will not try to cut fees by increasing competition. He is also not expected to threaten cuts to federal education subsidies, which have have driven up costs.

So there you have it: ‘Fair Play,’ – just words. ‘Fair Share?’ – a lethal threat. ‘Fair Shot?’ – aimed right at the heart of the US Constitution.

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