Newt Talks Obama Alinsky at a Townhall!

Newt Gingrich spoke at a Townhall in Newberry, South Carolina and declared Barack Obama a radical Alinsky-ite. Via InstaPundit, via Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, via National Journal :

Saul Alinsky - Barack Obama

“Obama believes in a Saul Alinsky radicalism which the press corps was never willing to look at,” Gingrich told a standing room-only crowd at Tommy’s Country Ham House here. “When he said he was a community organizer, it wasn’t Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was radicalism taught on the south side of Chicago by Saul Alinsky.”

Well yes, exactly. Will the media pick this up? I can hear Mika’s head exploding on Morning Joe. Professor Jacobson said “Newt went there.” That’s exactly where we must go. The media has to cover some portions of the debates and major interviews. While we couldn’t get the information out in 2008, perhaps this is our beginning. Thanks to AlinskyDefeater for the graphic. Check out their excellent series on Alinsky and Rules for Radicals. Start here for a 7-part series. 

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  • David

    Exactly correct Newt. Well said. As far as what the media will report from Newt’s comments? They will attack his personal life and they will try to pit him against Romney. Evade, deflect, lie and smear is all that they know. Thanks to Maggie for posting these stories for us.

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