Newt Gingrich: Time to Stop Lying About Middle East – The Reality

In this video, Newt Gingrich tells the interviewer  there is no such thing as a Palestinian identity. Palestinian sympathizers are all over Fox News today refuting the incontrovertible truth. Newt is right about everything he said. One of the sympathizers, Aaron David Miller said that Newt’s support of a two state solution was contrary to saying that there is no true Palestinian identity (paraphrased). It is not. Israel has agreed to a two-state solution over and over, with one main stipulation: Palestinians (Hamas, Palestininan Authority, Palestinian Liberation Organization) MUST agree to accept the right of Israel to exist where they are, and to remove all contrary declarations to the contrary from their constitutional and organizational documents. Had the free world stood behind the League of Nations Mandate, which has never been changed to this day, the propaganda of “right of return” and “Israel has no ties or connections to the Holy Land,” would have been put to rest.

Keep in mind that Palestinians simply want Israel out of the Middle East. That’s the issue. The issue is not that Jews do not belong in the Holy Land, because only an idiot can deny their roots there. How many of the Palestinian sympathizers out here in cyberspace believe Jews have no right to their tiny slice of land? Or believe that Jews have no historical connection? Or sympathize with the Palestinians refusal to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist? That’s the issue.

No one is trying to deny Arabs a homeland, but many want to deny the Jews theirs. Jordan is largely the Palestinians who were in the area at the time of statehood, but there were those Palestinians that for reasons few admit were not wanted in Jordan, not wanted in Syria, not want in Saudi Arabia.

Palestinian sympathizers will tell you that the information below is bs, but look at the documentation, and there are hundreds of pages more, in great detail. The documents are available for you if you want to learn more. To get the whole tome in one place, get a copy of Joan Peters’ From Time Immemorial – The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine. Then when you read Noam Chomsky and his criticism of her work, just look at the documentation.

Here are some documented facts (if the following makes your eyes glaze over, skip to the two links just below):


The Flight From Fact – Maddening Realities

The Angst of Supporting Israel (includes maps of Israel’s dwindling borders)

(1) Muslim Chairman of the Syrian Delegation, Paris Peace Conference February 1919:
The only arab domination since the Conquest in 635 A.D. hardly lasted, as such, 22 years… (Minutes of the Supreme Council, in D.H. Miller, My Diary at the Conference of Paris, 22 vols. (New York, 1924), vol. 14, . 405 (138)

“it is time, surely, that Palestinian ‘citizenship’…should be recognized as what it is, as nothing but a legal formula devoid of moral meaning.”

(2) Bernard Lewis, The Palestinians and the PLO, a Historical Approach, Commentary, January 1975, p. 32-48 (139)

The official adoption of the name Palestine in Roman usage to designate the terrorities of the former Jewish principality of Judea seems to date from after the suppression of the great Jewish revolt of Bar-Kokhva in the year 135 C.E….it would seem that the name Judea was abolished…and the country renamed Palestine or Syria Palestinia, with the…intention of obliterating its historic Jewish identity. The earlier name did not entirely disappear, and as late as the 4th Century C.E. we still find a Christian author, Epiphanius, referring to “Palestine, that is, Judea.

(3) The British Palestine Royal Commission 1939 “spoke bitterly against…the policy of not accepting…Jews”: Exile and Return: The Struggle for a Jewish Homeland, J.B. Lippincott, 1978) pp. 239-40 (140)

…a thousand years before the Prophet Mohammed was born, the Jew, already exiled, sitting by the wates of Babylon, was singing: “If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning.”

(4) “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria.” Ahmed Shukeiry, as head of the PLO, to Security Council on May 31, 1956, cited by Syrkin in Nationalism, in Curtis et al., Palestinians. p. 201 (140)

(5) Encyclopedia Britannica vol. XX, p. 662 (141)

It was after the debacle that Hadrian changed the name of the city of Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina, ordered the building of a temple of Jupiter on the Jewish Temple site, and “forbade any Jew, on pain of death, to appear within sight of the city.

(6) Joan Peters From Time Immemorial, p. 141:

But in the same way that the name Judea did not disappear, neither did the Jews abandon their land. A number had obstinately remained, and many other quickly returned to rebuild their world. Some Jews, however, fled the roman conquest for other points — including Arabia, where they formed some new settlements and in many instances joined Jewish Arabian communities established at the time of release from the captivity in Babylon or existing even before then.

Thus evolved the flight of the first “Palestinian” refugees — the Judeans, or Jews.

(7) The League of Nations designated the land called “Palestine” for the “Jewish National Home” — east and west of the Jordan River from the Mediterranean to Arabia and Iraq, and north and south from Egypt to Lebanon and Syria. [See O.R. Conder, The survey of Eastern Palestine, Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund, London, 1889 for Palestine east. See also J. Stoyanovsky, The Mandate for Palestine (London, New York, Toronto 1928) pp. 66, 204-210. Arthur Balfour’s memorandum of August 11, 1919, stated: “Palestine should extend into the lands lying east of the Jordan.” Prime Minister Lloyd George, June 26, 1919: “In determining the Palestinian frontiers, the main thing to keep in mind is to make a Zionist policy possible by giving the fullest scope to economic development in Palestine. Thus, the Northern frontier should give to Palestine a full command of the water power which geographically belongs to Palestine and not to Syria; while the Eastern frontier should be so drawn as to give the widest scopt to agricultural development on the left bank of the Jordan, consistent with leaving the Hedjaz Railway completely in Arab posssession.” (235 and 518)]

“Britain nevertheless quietly gouged out roughly three-fourths of the Palestine territory mandated for the Jewish homeland, into an Arab emirate. Transjordan, while the mandate ostensibly remained in force but in violation of its terms. (a chronological summary beginning in 1917, no mention at all is made of the gift of Transjordan to the Arabe by the British — niehter in the 1922 summary nor in 1928. See Summary in Survey of Palestine, vol. 11, pp. 15-25.

(8) Considering all the “territories” that had been give to the Arabs, Lord Balfour “hoped” that the “small notch” of Palestine east and west of the Jordan River, which was “being given” to the Jewish people, would not be “grudged” to them by Arab leaders. (235) Lord Balfour speech, July 12, 1920 cited in Palestine Royal Commission Report, para. 27, p. 27, 1937

HOWEVER, …the British government felt “the need to assuage Saudi Emir’s, Abdullah’s feelings. Abdullah was a recipient of British gratitude…The insertion of Abdullah, and his emirate into mandated Palestine, in the area of the Jordan River that was part of the land allocated to the “Jewish National Home,”  – created what we know today as Jordan. Israel’s land was reduced by the size of Jordan. (235)

(9) [Joan Peters] The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine remained unchanged even though Britain had unilaterlaly altered its map and its purpose. [When Britain entered into an agreement to transfer the exercise of administration on February 20, 1928, the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission challenged the agreement as a “conflict with the Mandate for Palestine.” – goes on to point to Article 2 of the Agreement…”The powers entrusted… to His Britannic Majesty as mandatory for Palestine…does not seem compatible with the stipulation of the Mandate…  (239 and 522)

(10) The Mandate included Transjordan until 1946, when that land was declared an independent state. Transjordan has finally become the de jure Arab state in Palestine just two years before Israel gained its Jewish statehood in the remaining one-quarter of Palestine. Transjordan [Jordan] comprised nearly 38,000 square miles; Israel, less than 8,000 square miles. [Jews were not allowed to settle in Jordan (239)

(11) ….Jordan is nonetheless undeniably Palestine, protecting a predominantly Arab Palestinian population with an army containing a majority of Arab Palestinians, and often governed by them as well. Jordan remains an independent arab Palestinian state where a Palestinian Arab “law of return” applies: its nationality code states categorically that all Palestinians are entitled to citizenship by right unless they are Jews. [Jordanian Nationality Law, Official Gazette, No. 1171, Article 3 (3) of Law No. 6, 1954, February 16, 1954, p. 105 (240 and 522)

[In other words, Britain created one more hellish situation for the world, that all of us are suffering from today. They stole what is today know as Jordan from Israel.]

(12) Arabs demanded repudiation of the Balfour Declaration and a halt of Jewish immigration, even though International expectations for Britain’s administration of the Palestine Mandate and the purpose of the Mandate’s incorporation of the Balfour Declaration for “The Jewish national Home” were unambiguous.

Newt Gingrich is right, and I believe he does have a good grasp of the history of the area. There has never been a Palestinian state. He has said things in the last couple of days that I have never heard a politician admit. And he said, it is time we stop lying about the Middle East. Time for the rest of the world to stop the lying as well.

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