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Merry Christmas Friends

May you share joy with family and friends today

Wishing You Every Good Thing in 2012

Health, Wealth, Happiness,

The White House, The Senate

At our house this Christmas Day

We are celebrating the birth of the new born King

God’s Blessings to you and to our fabulous Troops!

Earlier this month I posted a video of Sandi Patty singing Jesus, What a Wonderful Child. It was my first time to hear the song. One of my readers commented that the Sandi’s version may not be the original. Today I found this one from Dottie Peoples. She is introduced by Lou Rawls. This is a wonderful version and the lyrics tell the story.

Dottie Peoples – Jesus What a Wonderful Child (video)

For a wonderful story of what Christmas is, see this.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Merry Christmas Maggie!

  • Ran

    Merry Christmas Maggie!


  • I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Miss Maggie! I was all ready to sing this number, but my sister told me I didn’t have that soul-sista sound. So I ended up going with I Wonder as I Wander. Oh well, both are really great numbers….

    • kellsbells, I love the song you did, but bet you could have done Wonderful Child and done it well. Isn’t it great though to have a sister whose opinion you value. I really loved Dottie People’s version. By the way, it was you I was talking about in the post. I guess you “got” that:-) I hope you have a beautiful Christmas.

      • The sisters and mom have always been reining me in (I’m thinking of the plaid pants that I thought were so cute in high school that I wanted to wear, only to be told by them that, “They’re all gonna laugh at you, they’re all gonna laugh at you!”

        If I can figure out how to download a song I’m singing, I’ll send it to you to post. I’m thinking “I Love You You’re Perfect, Now Change.” That musical is so funny! 🙂

        Right now, all I can think of is…. leftovers! Woo-hoo!

  • Sophia

    It is a little late to watch your post, and it is so festival and I still would like to spend everyday as the Christmas day.

  • Beautiful tree. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Also looking forward to the New Year with hopes of good health and happiness. We can’t ask for more.

    • Hi Debbie, So true. We can ask for no more than health and happiness, which means we have an American-style of government which guards our freedom in every area of our lives. I notice the people of Venezuela are not so happy these days. Merry Christmas!