Megyn Kelly Donald Trump: Did Megyn Miss The Donald’s Bald Spot Video

The Donald let Megyn Kelly push his hair back and reveal his fairly fantastic hair line, although you would never know it from what we see everyday with all that hair swept straight back. I think he has a bald spot on the back of his head and the 36″ of frontline hair hasn’t been cut in years (not that it matters). Megyn was nice enough not to ask. What do you think? Here’s the video. If it does not or work, or disappears, view it here.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump – The Donald’s Hair (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I read The Donald employs a complex, “lattice-like” double comb-over

    If I was him I would just get a buzz cut and be over with it, put perhaps it’s a ritual of him… or employs an old friend an hour a day lol

    Megan’s hair looking fine as usual, tho

    • RR, he said his mom started it! But it looks like this hair from growing from the forehead area – looked like a ‘comb back.’ Whatever, he can do whatever makes him comfy. I think he’s just trying to cover a bald spot on the back.

  • She’s a cheeky lass, running her fingers through the hair of a guest on her show. He took it in good humor.

    • Opus, he was a trooper, and he leaned forward toward her. I thought he handled it great, and he even asked her if it was ‘so bad.’

  • He can afford the best plug job in the world.. but it did surprised me.. He does have a hairline.. I really looked like a comb over.. lol Now I have a balding head.. I’m starting to get used to it.. cus I have no choice… but I don’t think I’m bad for 66… lol just not as much change in my pocket.

    • David Lemon, Trumps ‘do’ is a ‘comb-back.’