Marine Corporal Aaron Leeks Asks Michelle Obama to Marine Ball

Lance Corporal Aaron Leeks met Michelle Obama at a Toys for Tots event an asked the First Lady to be his date for the Marine Corps Ball in 2012. She accepted but said he would have to talk to her husband first. Leeks is deploying to Afghanistan in January. Read the full story here and see the video below.

Michelle Obama and LCpt Aaron Leeks

LCpl Aaron Leeks asks Michelle Obama to Marine Corps Ball (video)

Photo from LCpl Leeks’ Facebook page

  • Odis Johnson

    Aaron Leeks takes the idiot of the year award, embarrassing the First Lady and disrespecting the President of the United States whom happens to be his commander and chief. How dare you do such a thing. He should be dressed down and stripped of his rank at a minimum punishment. I am a former L/CPL of the Marine Corps.

  • You’ve GOT to be kidding me!! Did he forget SHE is a married woman??? That was distasteful and disrespectful!! Personally though, I hope the Obama’s are OUT in 2012. He should NEVER have done that!!

  • Trish Schiesser

    I think the young soldier who asked Mrs. Obama to the Marine Corps Ball is a sweet and patriotic young man, who has made a lovely gesture to Mrs. Obama.
    I think she ought to accompany this young man – it would be his chance of a lifetime. Yes, she is married to President Obama – but as the First Lady, she would be adding a few more hours of pleasure and giving in her role as First Lady of the United States, who honors the troops. Perhaps President Obama should accompany them,as he is Commander in Chief.
    I did not vote for Obama and will not vote for him in the next election, but still, this is a wonderful thing for Michelle Obama to respond to.

  • I think he is brave,Lady obama,has a tall husband…this young looks like her handsome hubby BHO. a winner.