Iowa Caucus: What it Means, How it Confounds

White House 2012 takes a close look at the coming Iowa Caucuses, what they mean to the candidates, and what the results mean in the national election.  There is some thoughtful speculation, and ‘what if’ scenarios. What does the result mean to the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, and ultimately Florida.

Food for thought at White House 2012:

In the final analysis, Iowa may not pick the next President but with Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum in the game Iowa may make this one of the most hotly contested and longest lasting competitive race for the Republican presidential nomination since 1976 when Ronald Reagan challenged President Gerald for the nomination.  That was the last Republican convention in which it was not known who the nominee would be from the start of the convention.

Click the Election Calendar tab at the top of the page for the schedule of debates, caucuses and primaries. White House 2012 is very focused on the individual candidate. Lots of great information there every day.

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