Ilario Pantano – Marine Vindicated: What is Going on With Our Military?

You may remember the story of retired Marine Lieutenant Ilario Pantano and his failed run for a U.S. House seat in 2010. Pantano enlisted in the Marines when he was 17. He fought in the first Gulf War and was honorably discharged in 1993. He re-enlisted as an officer after 9/11/01. Serving in Iraq, Pantano forced two Iraqi men to search their own car, then killed them when they tried to rush him. A disgruntled sergeant on the scene accused Pantano of shooting the two men in the back. It has taken years for the vindication to come down even though there was no evidence at the time other than the Sergeant’s word. After finally exhuming the bodies, it was clear the men were shot just as Pantano testified – in the front, in self-defense. From being born in New York’s Hells Kitchen to qualifying for the best universities in the Nation, enlisting in the Marines instead to serve his country, and then having the Marine Corps charge him with pre-meditated murder, Pantano has announced again for the House seat for North Carolina’s District 7.

Ilario Pantano

The Liberal media tried to crush Pantano during his House run. The reporting was disgraceful. Salon headlined: From accused murderer to member of Congress? He was referred to as a Jack Bauer Republican, which in my world makes one a hero, but not to the readers of The Daily Beast. A Congressional opponent said there was “no excuse” for what Pantano “did,” but the opponent wasn’t on the ground with two Iraqi’s charging. The North Carolina Democrat Party set up a website dedicated to exposing Pantano’s killer image.

 Pantano’s memoir Warlord: Broken by War, Saved by Grace is out in paperback and Kindle Edition. Click the graphic below to preview the book at Amazon.

If you read here often you know I have asked “what is going on with our Military” more than once. It seems we have gone out of our way to convict the men and women just trying to stay alive in some of the most dangerous conditions on the face of the earth. In Pantano’s case, there was no move to autopsy the bodies, so the sergeant’s charge of cold-blooded murder was taken as fact until there was finally an intervention and the bodies were exhumed. Really, what is going on with our Military?

There is much more behind the story and the sacrifice of Ilario Pantano. Read it at Front Page Magazine. Read Pantano’s Who is Ilario Pantano here.

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  • Carol

    And what was done to the sergeant?

    • Ronald DuBois

      I don’t know what happened to the sargeant, but I would think he should have been prosecuted by the military for lying about such a thing, after which Pantano should bring a civil suit against him.

  • It is called Political Correctness. I call it appeasement done by this administration in an attempt to “look good” while hoping that some Muslim radical doesn’t blow up a subway with a nuke.
    No one in his administration other than a handful in the DOD have a clue about what goes on during a war and Obama certainly doesn’t thus you get such stupidity as “waterboarding is torture”, fire only when fired upon and convicting our own military personnel of “crimes” for doing their job. Their job is to kill more of the enemy than they can kill of us. There is no second place in war. You either kill enough enemy to cause them to surrender or you lose. Obama and his minons don’t understand this.
    Of course the Sgt will never be mentioned by the looney left and the fact that he lied and should have been court martialed for doing such.

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  • Thanks for posting this– I’ve met Mr. Pantano face to face and can honestly say he is made of the stuff this country desperately needs right now.

  • to h*ll in a handbasket Mag…but on a sweet note: Happiest of New year to you and yours..keep up the fight!!:) (hugs)

  • We are not allowed any heroes these days. Unless they are some perverse athlete, or rapper.

  • Ran

    Thanks for the post, Maggie. I’m glad Lieutenant Pantano was cleared. I hope the accusing Sergeant get’s his day in C.M. too.

    I’d like our new CinC to set-up a panel to review these cases, and for those Servicemen wrongly charged or convicted to have the opportunity to clear their names or just recommend full pardons and re-instatement.

    • Ran, we need to put that our the To Do List.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! We need to get the word out the Ilario has been vindicated since during the last campaign, so many left-wing, Democratic supporters just refused to restate the facts and continually called him a “murderer.” Hopefully, they will now use the intelligence and compassion that God gave them to be more humane.
    Take care,
    Twitter Manager for Ilario

    • Wendy, thanks for coming by. If you have a connection and can put me on Pantaro’s mailing list, that will be helpful. Either way, I’ll try to follow his campaign.

      When it comes to the military, I don’t think the liberal media has “intelligence” or “compassion.”